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Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology
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Lingothbava: Lord Shiva appearing as a column of light, Swan Brahma above, boar Visnu below...


The Gods Vishnu and Brahma were rocking the universe, quarreling as to who was the superior Deity. To restore equilibrium, Shiva appeared as a flame, and challenged them to find his source.

Brahma took the form of a swan, and flew to the sky to see the top of the flame, while Vishnu became the boar Varaha, and sought its base.

Neither Brahma nor Vishnu could find the source and were humbled and bowed to Shiva.  

Arunachala (Annamalai) or red mountain in Tiruvannamalai,  India, is recognized as a lingam, and the embodiment of Shiva as Infinite Light, in this ancient legend. 

Perhaps Shiva  represents the flame of Life, without beginning or end...everywhere, always, for ever and ever and ever...transcending Brahma and Vishnu who sustain the rhythms of creation.


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Shiva rules tamas guna, the aspect of Mystery manifesting as the experience of matter. 

The Sanskrit word Shiva means auspicious, and refers to the scintillating divine qualities of our life on earth. The brilliance of the light of seeing, tasting, touching...of consciousness experiencing embodiment. The agony and ecstasy of each moment, as our amazing lives unfold.

Sadashiva is the light of life...the brilliance of consciousness...that illuminates each instant of our experience. At times we are Shiva taking the strength of Vishnu as the boar Varaha, spelunking the deep dark caves of the infinite possibility of pain and suffering that our human experience offers. Often we become the Swan of creative possibility, of Brahma and his Shakti Saraswati soaring to the sublime ecstatic heights of embodied experience.

We are the cutting edge of the unfolding of infinite possibility expressed in the unique dimension of Earthly experience.

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Last winter, I arrived in India angry with pie in the sky religiosity that worshiped gods in heavens and stood by helplessly letting the Earth go to Hell. I offered my pain to Dakshinamurthy (Shiva as Guru) and was blessed with the realization that Shiva is the Earth!

To cherish and to serve the Earth is to worship Shiva. The beauty of life that we love so much is Shiva. Our own life, which we cherish so selfishly, is Shiva.  Look no further, everything you are seeking, you already have! Aum Namah Shivaya! 

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Learn More About Lord Shiva Here...


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Our Energy As Medicine program is unique as a healing art,

for the constant intention to address the Soul, the animating intelligence in the body.

The Soul is the Divine Life and Intelligence that animates Nature.

We experience the Soul, as lucidity... cognisance... presence...

This unchanging awareness...not our thoughts... is our Self.

Stress, shock or trauma activate the obsessive mind.

We identify with the incessant thoughts of the vulnerable ego,

and loose our conscious connection to the Self.

East Indian sages reveal that the true cause of our pain,

is our disconnect from our Self.

It is terrifying to live life clueless of our Self.

Yoga, union with the Self, is called The Ultimate Medicine.

We offer a holistic approach to Yoga blending ancient and modern insight

and techniques in our personal growth and career training programs.

Bruce Burger, MA,BCPP, 





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   "Most Meaningful Healing Arts Book I Have Read...  yncara
Bruce's book brings together all of the loose ends that I have been searching for in the study of healing arts. More and more of the text opens itself up to me year after year. I consider this work my bible for healing and look to it regularly for guidance It may seem difficult at first to understand, however as you stick with it, more and more of the content makes more and more sense. I can also attest to the fact that the material, protocols, and techniques work. I have experience profound healing with Bruce's version of Polarity Therapy and have seen powerful results in others. Esoteric Anatomy is a gift to the Human Family.
 (Amazon Review of Bruce's book: Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness, available in Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Russian & Polish translations)

Energy as Medicine
Personal Growth & Career Training
 with Bruce Burger, MA, BCPP


Tiruvannamalai, India
18-Day Energy as Medicine Career Training, 
with Bruce Burger
 January 5 - 22, 2018

Deepam Fire on Sacred  Mountain Arunachala Shiva 

Join our Profoundly Healing
Transformational Therapy Career Training 


Energy As Medicine 
Personal Growth & Career Training Retreat

  Foundation Training: 4 days
 Sattvic Energy Balancing Session: Balances the nervous system to promote healing Soul Communion.
 Rajasic Energy Balancing Session: Enhances vitality.
            2 days morning practice-afternoon personal space/tourism
         Visit Arunachaleswarar Temple & Circumnavigate Arunachala Holy Hill
  Intermediate Training: 4 days
  Core Energy Balancing Session: Releases tension and trauma from the sympathetic nervous system.
  Pelvic Energy Balancing Session: Releases blocked energy and emotional armoring.
           2 days morning practice-afternoon personal space/tourism
         Visit Ramana Ashram and SriRamana's Virupaksha Cave, climb to the "feet of Shiva" at the top of Arunachala Hill  

  Somatic Emotional Clearing: 4 days
 Learn to clear emotional armoring, stress and trauma from the cellular memory of the body.
 Understand how to prevent re-traumatization
 Integrating Somatics and bodywork
 Learn to Rescue The Inner Child

ॐ Retreat Includes:

ॐ  Morning Energy Exercise classes and health building diet 
ॐ  The World As Music: Mantra Yoga Classes 

*APP Certification:  Meets Polarity Therapy requirements to apply to American Polarity Therapy Association,  for APP, Associate Polarity Practitioner certification. (In addition 10 Hrs of Anatomy & APTA membership & fees are required  to apply for APP.)

*PTP Certification: Meets requirements to join the International Polarity Education Alliance, (pay small one time membership fee) and apply for PTP- Polarity Therapy Practitioner Certification also earns credit toward, advanced IPEA EPP-Energy Principles Practitioner Certification.

* Earn 90 NCBTMB ceh's available to licensed massage/bodyworkers


Price List:  Energy as Medicine - 2018
  • 18 Day Course,  Jan 5-22,2018
  • Shared Room (2 People) attached bath: Meals, bottled water, chai, fruit, snacks
    Guided Tours on Practice Days
  • Complete Package Only $1995.

  • Add AC Taxi airport pickup & drop... $115
  • Add 5 day Sacred Sites Tour, Jan 25-29... $849. 
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Sattvic & Rajasic Session with Joaquin Fioresi
Energy Medicine ~ Bodywork ~ Coaching Program 
January 23rd-26th 9:00am-4:00pm each day

Kings Beach: Lake Tahoe, Ca
24 Total NCBTMB Approved Provider CEU's $395

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Benbow, California
Energy As Medicine
6 Thursdays
April 20- May 25, 2017