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Our Bodies Are Musical Instruments Played By The Breath Of Life

All life is sacred…In the west we are immersed in a deist paradigm…where god lies outside creation, creates the world, and lets it go to hell….In the wisdom of India, God does not create the world. Goddess becomes the world. Creation is the self sacrifice of the Goddess. All life is sacred, your life is sacred. You are conceived and birthed in Divinity…(not sin…)

Breath is the foundation of life. Breath is the vehicle of the Great Mystery of Life and Consciousness. Breath is the vehicle of the animating intelligence of the Soul. We live in an ocean of Life Breath. The Greek word atmos means breath, and we have our life in the Earths Atmosphere…The earths ultrasonic rhythms of breath.

In the ancient wisdom of India, Brahma is the breath of creation. Everything that moves, from quark to cosmos is the spiraling breath of Brahma. Brahma is omnipresent as a universal life of a living universe. In every moment, Brahma is unfolding unlimited creative potential as you. Your breath is the breath of the cosmos. Your every breath is the cutting edge of the evolution of the universe. You are the face of God. Your life the personification of divine potential. You are That.

Our body is a musical instrument, that is played by the breath of life. The cycle of respiration, carrying the body, through the elemental phases of natural & cosmic attunement. As we breathe the pitch of the tissue, is modulated by the breath. Breath cycles the energy fields of the body, on a molecular level, through three phases of cosmic attunement. In the first phase, the fields of the body are animated through an inner attunement to Being, the Soul of creation. This entrainment with the animating intelligence of the Soul is called Sattva (Being) guna (vortex). As the breath expands the tissue, the field leaps in quantum fashion into an attunement with the Solar force, Rajas Guna and then the pitch of Tamas guna, where life crystallizes into earthly forms.

Our bodies are musical instruments played by the breath of life.The cycles of respiration stretches the tissue of the body changing its pitch. From macrocosm of the organism to microcosm of the molecules every field of the body, is played by the cycle of respiration. The East Indian paradigm is built on three keynotes of natural and cosmic attunement. Sattva means Being, and is an entrainment with the Source. Sattva is the force of equilibrium in Nature.

Sattva the neutral phase, is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system, rest, rebuilding and deep relaxation. Rajas, inspiration, stretches the body cavities and tissue, molecular fields, modulating the pitch to an entrainment with the Sun, the creative energy of Fire, passion, purpose and power. Rajas means to glow with the excitement of life's joy flowing through us. Rajas is expressed through the sympathetic nervous system. In expiration the diaphragm descends into a lunar attunement, with the Earth facilitating the crystallization of consciousness into form as tamas guna.

We live in a tune-a-verse… the word universe means turning as one. In Sanskrit the term for the creator is Brahma, which means an ever expanding, ever evolving breath of creation. The Shakti, the power in nature of Brahma, is termed Saraswati, which means “essence of self”. Saraswati is the creative intelligence within the breath, that sustains life and consciousness in each rhythm of respiration. You are the vina, Saraswati is playing. Please check out my book: Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness, if you would like to deepen your understanding of this root paradigm of eastern cosmology. Join us at Resonance, June 30th at Heartwood, to attune your body to a higher octave of Soul Communion nourishing yourself at the well of Being

Pilgrims Guide To India   6/4/17
The Pilgrims Guide to India at is a blessed resource for individuals dreaming or planning a trip to India. If you go to India as a tourist...your missing the boat...Visiting India as a pilgrim offers you a unique catalyst to Divine Transformation. Vanamali Mataji shares the wisdom of a lifetime of passionate devotion as she explores The Great Mystery of Life and Consciousness written in the temples and holy places of timeless India. Mataji

SAcred Earth

The Abortion Of The Sacred From The Womb Of The Earth…

The Alphabet Vs The Goddess, is an important book, exploring just how, after tens of thousands of years of goddess worship... of humanity living on a sacred earth…. suddenly, with the emergence of the biblical religions, worship of the Earth as sacred…Life as sacred… is annihilated in the west. 

Monotheism initiated religious intolerance. Three thousand years, of pillaging temples and libraries, murdering priestesses and priests, inquisitions, relentless, persecution and witch burning by the church has ripped the sacred from the womb of the earth. 

The author Leonard Shalan, a medical doctor and brain surgeon, argues that the advent of the alphabet, shifted dominance from the right hemisphere of the brain… feminine, holistic, tolerant... to the masculine, analytical, aggressive left hemisphere. Literacy initiated the worship of an abstract concept of god. The literati and their minions of zealots, over centuries of crusades and jihad annihilated the worship of the sacred earth. 

It seems that TV and the digital revolution may again shift brain dominance from the left brain dominance of the linear alphabet to an ideographic right hemisphere dominance and a new humanity… At this point, I want to learn more about this…and invite you in your comments to help me understand if the digital revolution offers hope for a transformation of consciousness….


Tulsi Devi:

One on the most blessed experiences of this lifetime was my Tulsi Devi Darshan! Yes I experienced the presence of the spirit of Holy Basil! In exactly the same way that you and I have a spirit that animates our bodies, everything that is alive is animated by its spirit.

Many years ago, my friend Jonathan invited me to join him in visiting an ISKCON community at a ranch in Lake county, California. Here the followers of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, lived simply and suported each other in living a sacred life as prescribed by their dear guru Swami Prabhupada. I remember a pond, graced by a swan as a distinctive feature, and a very skinny pujari leading the prayers.

An element of Krishna Consciousness, is to worship, Tulsi Devi as a part of the morning ritual. Devotees circling a Sacred Tusi plant, chanting a prayer to her and making an offering of water.

In India a tulsi plant grows at the front door of the home of every lover of Krishna, where she is nurished and worshiped. Mother Tulsi is reputed to be the purist of Krishna’s devotees, and devotees are invited to aspire to her devotion.

I circled the sacred basil plant, following the devotees who were chanting in Sanskrit, “vrindayai tulasi-devyai, priyayai kesavasya ca, krsna-bhakti-prade devi, satyavatyai namo namah”… I offer my prayers unto mother Tulasi Devi, who is very dear to Lord Krishna. O goddess, you bestow the blessing of devotion and the highest truth.”

Suddenly I felt, that I was in the presence of the purist hearted being, I had ever experienced! The sweetness and love, was beyond anything I had ever known…my heart opened, my eyes welled up with tears…and I have never been quite the same….

Yes Virginia, there is a Tulsi Devi! The next time you drink a cup of tulsi tea, take a moment to really smell the aroma, taste the flavor, and give thanks and praise, for the very special essence that is becoming a part of you…ALL LIFE IS SACRED! YOUR LIFE IS SACRED! blessings, B

Ishani Nila Om age 5

Ubud Earth Market Pic

Reading Merlin Stone: When God Was A Women. A profoundly important book! Stone, documents the relentless efforts of predatory patriarchal societies, to ravage any concept of the sacredness of the Earth, the sacredness of Nature, the sacredness of Life. Valuable in its time... but with due respect, she is offering a feminine pie-in-the-sky paradigm, to replace masculine pie-in-the-sky propaganda.

If we turn to India, a living connection to the goddess tradition, we leave the deist paradigm, where God lies outside of creation of the west, and worship a Goddess who has become creation. The Earth herself is Sacred, the Self-sacrifice of the Goddess. (Sacrifice= to make sacred).

The biblical religions are the propaganda of conquers. They seek to make war, pillage, exploitation and domination sacred.

Monotheism seeks to annihilate a Goddess that is everywhere in Nature. The biblical prohibition of worshiping idols, is an attack upon: sacred rivers, sacred mountains, sacred groves, sacred snakes and sacred cattle. All life is sacred!

Any concept we have of God/Goddess is arbitrary and arguable. The inherent miracle of life is not. Our mother Earth is sacred. All life is sacred! We are a cells in the body of Gaia, our life is sacred.

The real travesty of patriarchy, is ripping the sacred out of the Earth, denying the inherent miracle of life, thus enabling the predatory culture of imperialism and capitalism. Our world is weeping, for a wisdom that recognizes the sacredness and unity of all life that cherishes the Earth as our Mother, that cherishes our life, our labor, our love as sacred.

Beloved, Great Mystery Of Life and Consciousness...
Thank you for hearing our prayer for a Springtime of Humanity,
                                                                           Where, all Humanity makes a leap in consciousness, and realizes the unity and divinity of all life,
Where we cherish our Mother Earth as our own dear mother,
and share with each other as brothers and sisters…
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin… For all our relations...
Aum Namah Shivaya...Honor to This Sacred Life!


The Great Sage Mahatma Gandhi, titled his autobiography: The Story Of My Experiments With Truth. Over the course of his life, he wavered between…Truth is God…and God is Truth. For Gandhi Truth could not be found in a book. Truth could only be lived. Gandhi realized in his experiment that there was an experience of the sacred in acts of caring, kindness, generosity, and personal growth. Gandhi experienced that there is divinity inherent in a life well lived. That each of us can have a moment to moment experience of the sacred, through service, health and growth. I invite you to drop your pie in the sky, psychedelic, and personified concepts of God… AND ACCEPT THE PROFUNDITY OF THE SACRED LIFE YOU ARE EXPERIENCING RIGHT NOW!

Quill pen drawing where every line is the Gandhi's mantra RAM, RAM, RAM... by Mrs. Saroja Nagarathnam of Channai.

Quote, "The accumulation of wealth is the accumulation of sin..." is from Gandhi's "Collected Works".


Baba Hari Das


As we went around the circle at the reunion, Saturday at Rainbows End....One name kept coming up, as instrumental in individuals awakening, Baba Haridas, the silent saint. In Our Revolution, we have manifested an alternative universe of holistic options to empower individuals seeking to take a higher level of responsibility for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being...Thank You BABA HARI DAS for your inspiring example!

Rainbows End Gathering

Revolution In A Teacup!

Today I had the honor of participating in a reunion of revolutionaries. Three dozen people who had transformed health care in America! When Drake Sadler, the founder of Traditional Medicinal's mentioned that millions of cups of their integrity, wisdom and love were being poured daily... I realized that our revolution was succeeding. Books on whole food nutrition, herbology, homeopathy and yoga are in all our homes. Herbology is being taught to MD's... Meditation is being taught to our children in public schools! Thanks to Rosemary Gladstar, Rob Menzies, Nan Koehler, Don Solomon, Kathy Keville, Mindy Green, Jane Bothwell, Dana Ullman, Nam Singh, Christopher Hobbs, Chela Burger, Jeanine Parvati, and everyone in this photo at Rainbows End, Sebastopol, CA, celebrating the 40th anniversary of our hippie herbal retreats which ignited a revolution in health care.


LIKE A GAZILLION SUNS!! Our Mother Earth, is circling our Father Sun at over 60,000 miles per hour, oscillating through a dance of Lunar and Solar attunement. At Equinox every atom on Earth, entrains in sympathetic resonance with Savitri*, the life giving solar intelligence, to spring into resonance with a new cycle of rebirth and creativity! Give thanks and praise, to the Life Divine, vibrating in every miraculous atom of your body for this sacred gift of Life! You are welcome to join us Thursday at 4: to chant the Surya Gayatri Mantra, to cultivate a deeper attunement to our Life Divine. Bruce & Chela's home, 7855 Benbow Dr, Garberville, CA (707)923-3387

*"Savitri is the Divine Word, daughter of the Sun) "...this is not a mere allegory, the characters are not personified qualities, but incarnations or emanations of living and conscious Forces with whom we can enter into concrete touch...and show...the way from... (this) mortal state to a divine

consciousness and immortal life."  Sri Aurobindo

As above so below


Lord Shiva personified as Bolinath...simple and easy to please....


Shiva personified as Bolinath...simple and easy to please... framed in lingams...

Shivaratri The Night of Shiva

Shivaratri:The Night of Shiva, is celebrated on the darkest new moon of the year in late January or early February. ॐ (Feb 24)

Shiva rules tamas guna, the aspect of Mystery manifesting as the experience of matter. The Sanskrit word Shiva means auspicious, and refers to the scintillating divine qualities of our life on earth. The brilliance of the light of seeing, tasting, touching...of consciousness experiencing embodiment. The agony and ecstasy of each moment, as our amazing lives unfold.ॐ

Pre-biblical spirituality was animistic and pantheistic. It reflected a natural world of omnipresent mystery, splendor and intelligence, where all of nature, all of life, all creation was sacred.ॐ

Monotheism extracts God from the Earth, and offers a pie in the sky God...With God in heaven... somewhere??? You can do as you like on earth.

ॐ ॐ ॐ

Shiva (Siva in Sanskrit) represents the flame of Life, unborn, undying... without beginning or end… everywhere, always, eternal, forever and ever and ever… ॐ ॐ

Shiva's manifest form is Shakti. Shakti is prakritti...Nature... The Self-Sacrifice of The Goddess as This Sacred Creation. This Sacred Earth!

To cherish and to serve the Earth is to worship Shiva/Shakti. The beauty of life that we love so much is Shiva/Shakti. Our own life, which we cherish so selfishly, is Shiva/Shakti. ॐ

Look no further, everything you are seeking, you already have! Aum Namah Shivaya! ॐ ॐ ॐ

Aum Namah Shivaya... Honor To Life!
Chant this mantra, with love tonight..To give thanks and praise! ॐ


The Cow personifies the sacredness of all life on earth, and the generosity of the Universe in sustaining our lives. In South India the Cow stands at the highest and most visible place in Devi temples, to remind us to cherish all life as our own... Please don't laugh at our Sacred Cows, monkeys, rats, ants, trees, rivers, mountains, etc.... Mother Earth... and please consider cultivating a vegetarian diet, to do a little more, to live your prayers, for future generations.
Blessings, Aum Namah Shivaya




ॐ ॐ ॐ
The Legend of Arunachala Shiva:
Holy Hill of Tiruvannamalai

The Gods Vishnu and Brahma were rocking the universe, quarreling as to who was the superior Deity. To restore equilibrium, Shiva appeared as a flame, and challenged them to find his source. Brahma took the form of a swan, and flew to the sky to see the top of the flame, while Vishnu became the boar Varaha, and sought its base. Neither Brahma nor Vishnu could find the source and were humbled and bowed to Shiva.

Arunachala (Annamalai) or red mountain in Tiruvannamalai, India, is recognized as a lingam, and the embodiment of Shiva as Infinite Light, described in this ancient legend.

Perhaps Shiva (Siva in Sanskrit) represents the flame of Life, without beginning or end… everywhere, always, eternal, forever and ever and ever… transcending Brahma and Vishnu who sustain the rhythms of creation.

Shiva rules tamas guna, the aspect of Mystery manifesting as the experience of matter. The Sanskrit word Shiva means auspicious, and refers to the scintillating divine qualities of our life on earth. The brilliance of the light of seeing, tasting, touching...of consciousness experiencing embodiment. The agony and ecstasy of each moment, as our amazing lives unfold.

Shiva is the light of life...the brilliance of consciousness...that illuminates each instant of our experience. At times we are Shiva taking the form of Vishnu as the the boar Varaha infused with His strength, spelunking the deep dark caves of the infinite possibility of pain and suffering that our human experience offers. Often we become the Swan of creative possibility, of Brahma and his Shakti Saraswati soaring to the sublime ecstatic heights of embodied experience.

We are the cutting edge of the unfolding of infinite possibility expressed in the unique dimension of Earthly experience.

ॐ ॐ ॐ
Last winter, I arrived in India angry with pie in the sky religiosity that worshiped gods in heavens and stood by helplessly letting the Earth go to Hell. I offered my pain to Dakshinamurthy (Shiva as Guru) and was blessed with the realization that Shiva is the Earth!

To cherish and to serve the Earth is to worship Shiva. The beauty of life that we love so much is Shiva. Our own life, which we cherish so selfishly, is Shiva. Look no further, everything you are seeking, you already have!
Aum Namah Shivaya!  ॐ ॐ ॐ


The Maharishi Effect empowers you to heal the world! You are a cell in the body of Mother Gaia...Everything you do to foster peace and harmony in your personal world, influences the etheric body of the world around you. Your efforts...are powerful as they potentize the inherent harmony of the Source...

The Maharishi Effect is the observable fact of improved quality of life in the entire society when 1% or more of the population practices the Transcendental Meditation technique (TM) or a group of as little as the √1% practices this technique plus the advanced Transcendental Meditation Sidhi program. First discovered in December 1974 when it was found that crime rate decreased in 1% cities, there are now over 50 empirical studies on the Maharishi Effect.…/…/Rationale-Research/index.cfm