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Pain Relief Through
One's Own Polarity Currents*
Dr. Randolph Stone

In Health Building Dr. Stone offers these simple guidelines for hands-on healing:

"An excess amount of the positive current produces irritation, pain, swelling and heat in the tissues, organs and areas of the body, due to excess amount of blood in that area, and the opposite or negative pole energy is required to balance it. The positive current is the sun energy of fire and radiant warmth in normal amounts. The right hand is the conductor of this energy. For negative tension, congestion, spasm and stasis, the right hand contains the antidote, the positive polarity current. Place it over the negative symptoms for relief.

The left hand is the conductor of the negative or moon current, which is cooling, soothing, refreshing and toning. Place it over the seat of pain, where the positive currents are in excess, giving the symptoms mentioned above. Whereever the pain is, that excess calls for release of the irritation, heat, and swelling, which the negative current can provide.

The positive or right hand is placed opposite the negative. If the pain is in front, place the left hand over it and the right hand on the same area of the back, to get the current through the congestion. If the pain and congestion is on the side, place the left hand over the area, and the right hand opposite on the other side. If the pain is on top of the head, place the left hand there and the right hand below it, on the back of the head, or under the jaw if the pain is nearer to the front than the back.

If the pain is in the spine, you can use either the flat of the left hand, or double the hand up into a fist, and lie on it, wherever the pain may be located, so as to get the pressure along with the application, as both are indicated. This is done easily by lying on the back in bed or even on the floor. Then the right hand is used over the abdomen, directly opposite to the left hand in the back. Hold this position for ten or fifteen minutes, and changes will take place in the electromagnetic fields of that area and bring relief. This is the most potent remedy, ever present in the hour of need, which can be used by every person on himself or herself.

Gentle stroking with the left hand has a very soothing, sedative effect. With the right hand it is stimulating. For the same reason downward stroking is soothing, while upward stroking-from the feet up to the head-is stimulating. This can be done with both hands because the direction determines the polarity here."

*Dr.Randolph Stone, Health Building, Sebastopol, CA. CRCS, 1986

healing retreat, spa, alternative healing, self help
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