A Key to the Mystery

of Life and Consciousness

In The Secret Teaching of All Ages, Manley Hall, describes E.D.Babbitt as a genius and puts an image of Babbitt's Atom in the center of the first page of his encyclopedia of esoteric, Rosicrucian and Kabbalistic knowledge.  Hall, founder of the Philosophical Research Society, a leading American mystery school, underscores Babbitt's Atom as the key to the secret teachings of all ages.



Babbitt cultivated a breakthrough micro-clarvoyant vision unfolding the dynamics of the atomic world. In his brilliant book The Principles of Light and Color. He explained "the Harmonic Laws of the Universe, the Etherio-Atomic Philosophy of Force, Chromo Chemistry, Chromo Therapeutics and the General Philosophy of the Finer Forces..."


In the illustration below: Notice the alignment of atoms torrent to vortex... electro-magnetic... positive to negative.... Yang to Yin... Rajas to Tamas... inspiration to expiration in a living breathing universe.


The Colors parallel the universal Elemental Keynotes throughout creation: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and the Earth Element. Through SYMPATHETIC VIBRATION via the POLARITY DYNAMIC... Torrent to Vortex ... the elemental winds, flow through the mollecular  worlds.


In quantum fashion, the five pranas, or five winds, step down from Ether to Earth at the square of their distance from the nucleus.

Join us in India this January

to cultivate a deeper connection

to your inherent divinity


Gayatri Devi:

Personification of the creative intelligence within the life breath.

Her five heads symbolize the five pranas...

Five winds that flow through all creation of

the elemental keynotes:

Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Mother India is a unique destination. As it is one of the few places left on earth where the ancient wisdom has not been destroyed by imperialism and the church. It is recommended that you come to India as a pilgrim, not a tourist...


India offers what is considered to be the culmination of human knowledge...a way of life that reveals the essential divinity of all life, of your life.


Your body is an interdimensional portal...

A Cathedral Of The Spirit... Through Devotion You can enter into the  Sanctum Sanctorum of your Heart... to experience and realize that You and The Mystery are One!

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Rescuing Your Inner  Child....

Somatic Emotional Clearing

You are invited to join our annual pilgrimage to India. This pilgrimage across the face of the earth, is metaphor for your intention for an inner journey to your own innate healing Divinity.


Seeking transformation? Know Thyself, Our workshop is a bridge between two worlds. Your ego entangled in its pain and illusions and the infinitely liberating landscape of your own inherent divinity.


We offer a wholistic approach to healing, wellbeing, and liberation...  A unique synthesis of Energy Balancing Bodywork, Somatic Emotional Clearing, Energy Exercises and Immersion in Unitive Consciousness.


Join us to explore a precious and profound inner vista, as we cultivate your deep personal revelation, of your own inherent divinity.  

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Hands-On Energy Medicine:

Transformational Therapy Personal Growth & Career Training


"Bruce's Energy Medicine and Somatic Emotional Clearing workshops are really a life changing experience for personal growth as well as for your healing arts practice. What stands out most is the compassionate sacred space that is held for everyone to explore their own healing journey as well as the wisdom of learning from a heart-centered teacher with several decades of professional experience. The first time I saw Bruce Burger at Heartwood Institute, the healing arts school he founded, I knew I wanted to study with him because of the light and energy in his eyes. Its wonderful study with someone who has a depth of many years of spiritual practice that you can feel in the space.I just attended the Somatic Emotional Clearing workshop and was struck by how profoundly deep these therapies are to get right to the root layer of what causes our pain and dysfunction. I really resonate with the Somatic psychology approach that informs the work. Many years ago I attended the Polarity courses and regularly integrate the techniques into my massage and bodywork practice as well. Very affordable rates for classes too!" 



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The world and everything in it is driven by a Great Mystery, which can not be experienced directly… but only through its effects.


No representation of this power is necessary, because she is all around us, within us and everywhere. While she is beyond our five senses, She cloaks herself in the mantel of Creation.


Nature can be understood as a Goddess, the living body of this Great Mystery. You are a cell in her body. Your life is her life. Your  consciousness, your sentience... your vulnerability... hers. 

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Institute For Alternative and Complementary Therapy


Professional Trainings in Tahoe/Bay Area

Meet the standards of the International Polarity Education Alliance and begin as Energy Student and receive your EPP or PTP certification depending the length of training. The focus in Polarity Therapy is the relationship between spirit and matter. Learn to work with the nervous system and restore energetic balance & integrity. Study with Joaquin Fioresi.

Study with Joaquin Fioresi

Bruce Burger, MA, BCPP, is the founder of the legendary Heartwood Institute and Heartwood utopian community. Bruce is the author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness. Esoteric Anatomy has been called a bible of Energy Medicine. Esoteric Anatomy is unique in the healing arts as it is written from the perspective of Unitive Consciousness.

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