Polarity Therapy
Goddess Saraswati: Essence of Self

The World Is Music: Key to the Mystery of Creation

The Vedas are the ancient esoteric teachings of India. They form the foundation of orthodox Hindu philosophy and are at the root of all oriental philosophy.

The vedic epiphany reveals that the world is the self-sacrifice of the creator... God becomes the world... An omnipresent intelligence expresses its creative potency through the creation.

In the Vedic revelation, God does not create the world… God becomes the world. *

Western religion and science offer a deist paradigm. In deist philosophies, God lies outside creation. The Vedic worldview is profoundly different; here the world is the self-sacrifice of the creator. The world is God. All creation is sacred. To know thy Self, is to know God.

Brahma, the creator, can be characterized as an ever expanding breath. In this cosmology, everything that moves in creation is the breath of Brahma. The spiraling galaxies of stars, whirling planetary systems, atmospheric rhythms of our Gaia’s life cycles, and the all pervasive breath that animates animal life on Earth is a unitary rhythm.

In this ancient paradigm, the universe is a living, breathing, conscious Being. In exactly the same way that the breath of life animates our body the universe is sustained by the breath of Brahma.

How does the breath of life animate our body? How do the rhythms of inspiration and expiration sustain life? What is the mechanism through which respiration enlivens the body?  Our Hypothesis is biological resonance.

Prana is the life breath of a living universe. (From sanskrit roots pra-forth and the verb-root an-to breathe)

  The body... as all of nature and the cosmos...
is a musical instrument played by the breath of life...

The World Is Music:

The vedas reveal that the world is sung into being. The ancient Sanskrit grammarian, Bhartrhari, states in his Vakyapadiya 1.112 “Vageva Vishwa Bhuvanani Jajne” The Universe is Birthed by Sound!

An unfathomable intelligence conceives of a goddess...who sings the world into creation. The  ground  state out of which creation emerges is the pranava  (from pra-nu, to reverberate) of the primordial Holy Word... AUM.  Creation is vibrating as an expression of ultimate intelligence, ultimate wisdom, ultimate love... in a universal harmony of praise.

The Goddess Saraswati is the personification of this mystery, the embodiment of an all pervasive divine creative intelligence.  Her vehicle is the swan...the highest flying bird, which symbolizes the breath of life, the supreme principle in a living creation. The  Great Mystery of life and consciousness, is carried on the breath.

Saraswati’s celestial instrument is the vina, which symbolizes creation. Thus we have Ultimate Intelligence, carried on the breath of life, playing the music of creation.

For millennium musical instruments were often fashioned from the guts and hides of animals. For these guts and hides, resonated most profoundly with the mystery of music and the winds that carried these sounds to the heart and mind.

There is no musical instrument more perfect than the human body. Indeed the human body... like all of nature... is a musical instrument. The ancients understood this. The ancient sciences of Yang and Yin, Pitta and Kapha, Sulfer and Salt were based on this vibrational knowledge of the primacy of inspiration and expiration, of the breath of life.

The latin word for breath is spiritus. It comes from the same roots as our word spiral... It is Spiritus that plays the instrument of nature. As we breathe, the tissue of our bodies are stretched by the act of breathing in a cycle of atunement to nature and the cosmos. On cellular and molecular levels the tissues stretches to modulate it’s musical pitch. As we breathe in, there is a lengthening of the tissue to the keynote of resonance that, cross culturally and trans-historically, the ancients called the Air element. Thus through atunement to the keynote Air, life force stepped down from the subtle universal elements into the gross material elements of form.  Then in quantum fashion the inhalation ballooned the tissue into the radiant keynote and it entrained with the creative potency of the solar Fire element. Next in the cycle of breath is a still-point, where inner and outer forces came into balance at the Earth elemental resonance. Then as the diaphragm descends... the tissue contracts into resonance with the lunar keynote of the Water element. Nature is a fabric of ultrasonic resonance, attuned to the keynotes of: Earth, solidity; Water, the fluid medium for life force; Fire, the functioning of creative intelligence; Air the feedback process which is the essence of intelligence; and Ether which modulates sacred space between the subtle universal elements of the cosmos and the material elements of nature.

The Sanskrit word guna is derived from an Indo-European base gere…”twirl” or “wind”… The gunas describe spiraling vortices of vibrating energy fields.  Breathing is a process of cosmic and natural atunnment that sustains life. As we breathe, the lengthening of the tissue, on a molecular level, entrains with the Source or Life Field of Sattva Guna and facilitates a step down of energy from the subtle universal to the gross material elements. Inspiration, modalities the molecular fields into entrainment with the creative potency of the solar resonance of the Fire element as the field leaps in quantum fashion to Rajas Guna. As the diaphragm descends, the field on every level of microcosm entrains with Tamas guna and the centripetal qualities of the Water element.  Life is sustained by the breath, through a process of cosmic and natural atunenment. Cross culturally and trans historically the sciences of the ancients was rooted in this understanding of nature and the cosmos as a living breathing conscious being.

All of nature is vibrating in a life giving state of praise attuned to the voice of the Goddess Saraswati  singing the holy word... singing the music of creation.  Saraswati means essence of Self. This understanding is a key to understanding the great mystery of life force energy.  In Energy Medicine, we work with the body and nature through this ancient epiphany of the world as music. Our approach to energy healing is defined by a constant intention to address the Soul...the animating intelligence  in the body... holistically, through hands-on bodywork, healing diet, vitalizing movement and liberating insight into the unity and sacredness of all life. 

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* The Vedas do not limit themselves to a theistic perspective and encompass non-theistic cosmologies as well. For the sake of simplicity and parsimony... we use the word "God" to refer to the "Great Mysteries" of Life, Consciousness and "Creation."

Understanding Bioresonance

 Esoteric Anatomy : The Body as Consciousness,
Bruce Burger
North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, 1998. Chapter 7

Purusha: The Omnipresent Cosmic Person
In this universe, from the largest stars and planets to the microscopic basic elements, all things conform to cyclical spiralic form. In actual fact, this form is established by the interaction of two circular energies which are antagonistic to each other. To our limited senses, whether these be great suns or tiny electrons this whirling movement appears to be undulating orbits of diffraction of electrons or the elliptical orbiting of fixed stars. In actual fact, however, all these bodies are moving in logarithmic spirals.
                                                                                                                                George Ohsawa1
As above so below, golden spiral
As above so below . . . from the solar system to a chamber nautilus. . .
all form reflects the underlying energy of the ubiquitous cosmic breath of a living universe!

In the Himalayan vision of east Indian philosophy, creation is sung into being. The Universe . . .  as a living Being . . . conceives of a Goddess who sings creation into manifestation.  All that is. . .  is the vibration of her song . . .  carried on her life breath, pregnant with her intelligence and will.

In this essay we will consider the fundamental principles in the universal mind that underlie the stages in the manifestation of consciousness in form. A foundation of the Sanatana Dharma  (timeless Vedic way of life)  is the cosmology know as Samkhya, which means “to enumerate.” Samkhya philosophy enumerates the tattwas, or fundamental forces that underlie creation. Samkhya, the oldest of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy, is said to be “the philosophical foundation of all Oriental culture, the measuring rod of all Hindu literature, the basis for all knowledge of the ancient sages (rishis) and the key to Oriental symbolism . . . ”2 Through careful reflection it expounds twenty-five tattwas, charting the stages of the evolution of consciousness into mind and matter. “This exposition is no mere metaphysical speculation, but is a purely logical account based on the scientific principles of conservation, transformation, and dissipation of energy.”3

Samkhya postulates two ultimate realities, Spirit (Purusha) and Nature (prakriti).
The first principle postulated by the Samkhya system, purusha, is used to mean the Soul of the universe, the animating principle of nature, the universal Spirit. It is that which breathes life into matter; it is the source of consciousness. Purusha is postulated to account for the subjective aspect of nature. It is the universal Spirit, eternal, indestructible, and all-pervasive; it is pure Spirit without activity and attribute, without parts and form, uncaused, unqualified, and changeless. It is the ultimate principle of intelligence that regulates, guides, and directs the process of cosmic evolution; it accounts for the intelligent order of things—why the universe operates with such precision, why there is cosmos and not chaos. It is the efficient cause of the universe that gives the appearance of consciousness to all manifestations of matter; it is the background that gives us the feeling of persistence; it is the static background of all manifest existence, the silent witness of nature.4

Purusha is a unified field of consciousness which is the ground state for all manifestation. All of the intelligence in creation is a reflection mirrored from this consciousness. In the phenomenology of our own personal experience, Purusha, the “soul witness,” is what each of us refer to as our “Self.” Purusha is human consciousness, the consciousness of an omnipresent God who lives within you, as you. Dr. Stone called Purusha “Soul,” and he writes: "Soul is the inner energy field, the Doer and Witness in the field of consciousness; it is also the Perceiver.”5

The second principle in Samkhya is prakriti, the cosmic substance, or primary matter. In the understanding of the sage Sri Aurobindo, prakriti is the will and executive power of the purusha, the activity of Being. Quoting Aurobindo, Tyberg writes, "Prakriti is that producing element out of which springs the universe with all its various spheres and bodies.”6

In samkhya there is always an unbridgeable gulf between the unchanging soul witness of the universal consciousness as the Self (Purusha) and its emanation, the evolution of Nature (prakriti).“ Samkhya-Vedanta . . . considered everything other than intelligence, the Purusha or the transcendental Self, to arise in the course of cosmic evolution . . . ” Purusha is immutable, an unchanging field of ultimate intelligence. The unchanging oneness of this field of living consciousness unites all beings. Prakriti is the ever-changing cycles of nature emanating from the One Life.7

It may be useful to think of the tattwas as the program in the computer of the One Mind. These quintessences are the primary forces in the universe, which sustain the appearance of differentiation of the One into the manifestation of phenomena.

The Samkhya teaches that the world-order is reason and is an expansion of the highest kind of intelligence; that there is no part without an assignable function, a value, a purpose; that there is always an exact selection of means for the production of definite ends; that there is never a random combination of events; that there is order, regulation, system and division of function.8

In the Sanatana Dharma a profound intelligence is consciously creating every atom of nature. In samkhya the omnipresence of the omniscience of Cosmic Consciousness is the innermost essence of everything. All creation is an emanation of this all-pervasive Being. This profound intelligence is the immediate cause of everything. Nature (prakriti) is a moment-to-moment emanation of Spirit (Purusha). All life is a moment-to-moment creation of this Ultimate Intelligence.

The 25 Tattwas* of Samkhya Philosophy9

1. Mulaprakriti—Root-Nature, Primary Matter, Cosmic Will.
(sometimes Avyakta: The Unmanifest, the Primordial Element)
2. Mahat Tattwa—"The Great Principle," undifferentiated cosmic intelligence, the basis of Buddhi:The intellectual faculty by which objects are distinguished and classified.
3. Ahankara—The conception of individuality, of ego, of separate self.
The five Tanmatras (tad,“that,” and ma, “to measure”) are the rudimentary or subtle elements.
The subtle Tanmatras, or “essences,” combining and recombining, produce the five gross elements of the external universe, the Mahabhutas. From the five Tanmatras are derived the five Mahabhutas, or Panchabhautikas.
    Five Tanmatras:    Five Mahabhutas:
    4.    Sabda—Sound    9.     Akasa—Ether
    5.    Sparsa—Touch    10.    Vayu—Air
    6.    Rupa—Sight    11.    Tejas—Fire
    7.    Rasa—Taste    12.     Apas—Water
    8.    Gandha—Smell    13.    Prithivi—Earth
The five Jnanendriyani or Buddhindriyani are the five organs of perception or sense. An indriya is a force or power of Indra the god of the higher mind, and hence any exhibition of power—a faculty of sense or organ of sense.
The five sense organs, Niyantry:
    14.    Srota—Ear
    15.    Tvak—Skin
    16.    Chakshus/Akshu—Eye
    17.    Jihva—Tongue
    18.    Ghrana—Nose
The five Karmendriyani are organs of action:
    19.    Vach—Voice or Larynx
    20.    Pani—Hand
    21.    Padas—Foot
    22.    Payus—Anus, Organ of excretion
    23.    Upastha—Organ of generation
    24.    Manas—Mind
    25.    Purusha—The Spirit, The Divine Person
*Tat or tad implies the essential being of anything.

The Gunas
The rishis tell us that desire is the cause of creation. Desire generates a disturbance in the equilibrium of Mahat,The cosmic substance. This initiates the play of the gunas and the process of cosmic evolution. The Gunas are "the fundamental constituents of nature.” Over the millennia advanced yogis in their microclairvoyant research observed the electromagnetic spectrum and the vibrational basis of creation. They witnessed three universal forces which they likened to a rope of three strands: a unchanging core, sattva guna; a radiant centrifugal field, rajas guna; and a centripetal field, tamas guna. All vibration was the spiraling of these three forces. The siddhis (seers) witnessed that at every level of vibration of the electromagnetic spectrum, were these two opposing fields undulating around the potency of the core.

The word “guna” is usually translated as “quality.” Its roots also mean “the rope that binds.” In Polarity the gunas are referred to as “the three principles.” We can gain profound insight into the nature of these archetypal forces if we appreciate that the word guna is derived from the Indo-European base gere, to “twirl” or “wind.”10 The gunas are spiraling vortices.

The Rishis in their microclairvoyant vision, directly experienced the dance of molecules of the quantum world. In their expanded vision, they saw the vortices of the fields of resonance which are the fundamental forces which underlie creation.

The tri-gunas are the three "Universal Modes of Nature.” All creation takes on its quality through its entrainment with these three archetypal essences. In the Sanatana Dharma, all of nature takes its quality from its resonance with these gunas, the three universal harmonics of force. All energy fields in nature resonate with and are sustained by their attunement with these three archetypal principles of motion.11 The English word universe is from the Latin uniuersus, “turned with a single impetus—hence, turned wholly—towards a single unity, turned into one . . . ”12 “Universe” comes from roots which mean “one coil.” This derivation points to the ancient understanding that all creation and all subsystems of nature and the cosmos are part of one vast spiral harmony.13

The gunas are the three primary principles of motion as sattva, the neutral Air principle, rajas, the positive Fier principle and tamas, the negative Watery  principle. All creation is woven of a fabric of two spirals—centrifugal (rajas), and centripetal (tamas), radiating out of a neutral center (sattva). This polarity process universally forms the underlying structure of all energy fields on every spiraling level of microcosm and macrocosm.

Sattva is the Force of Equilibrium in Nature

The tri-gunas are the three great archetypes whose modes give their characteristic qualities to all of nature. Sattva (from Sat, “Absolute Being”) is the superconscious force of equilibrium in nature. This archetype manifests qualities of stillness, peace, lucidity, goodness, purity, harmony, balance, happiness, virtue, sympathy, and light. In the Sanatana Dharma this aspect of the Cosmic Being is personified as Lord Vishnu. “Vishnu” means “all-pervasive.” Lord Vishnu refers to the all-pervasive Divine Self that is the one life of a living universe.

Rajas Rules All Energy and Motion in Nature
The rajasic centrifugal archetype (from the root Raj, “to glow, to be excited”) is the “conscious” force which rules all energy and motion in nature and manifests as passion, action, effort, thirst and desire. Rajas is ruled by Lord Brahma, the creator. Lord Brahma is the personification of the creative potential of the Cosmic Being, the force of evolution and of conscious becoming, the power of growth reflected in all natural processes. Brahma is an ever-expanding pulsation of conscious breath, of infinite Creative Intelligence, whose force of creative potency encompasses all energy in creation.

Tamas Rules All Form in Nature
Tamas (from the root Tam, “to perish”) is the centripetal force of inertia and unconsciousness, and manifests as solidity, resistance, crystallization, ignorance, and death. Lord Shiva, the destroyer, is the personification of tamas guna, which rules the process of perishing and the dissolution of manifestation back to the Godhead. All movement in nature is a microcosm of cosmic evolution, the rhythmic cycle of the breath of Brahma which underlies every heartbeat of creation.

The Archetypal Trinity

The physical world emanates from the unitive field of sattva guna. This superconscious state of consciousness is reflected in all phenomena that are charismatic and harmonious. Rajas embodies the conscious mind and predominates in direction and creativity. Tamas is the principle of solidity and resistance, and predominates in the reactive, unconscious mind. All three states of consciousness are present in everything, but one resonance always predominates. For example, sattva predominates in a innocent child; rajas, in an erupting volcano; and tamas, in a block of granite.14

Every cycle in nature has a neutral, positive, and negative phase. Polarity Energy Balancing aspires to restore the integrity of the evolutionary cycle by releasing resistance in the energy fields of the body to reconnect the fields with their source. In this way the harmonics of an individual’s life force can be brought into harmony with the forces of nature and the cosmos which sustain life.

Dr. Stone writes: "The idea of three bodies or fields of expression may seem new, but it is not an invention of mine. It is as old as mankind. The Trinity Principle of every religion bares evidence to this fact. If Deity is triune, man must be, since he is an exact image of his Creator."15

All energy throughout nature moves through the Polarity Cycle of positive, negative, and neutral phases. These three principals are the foundation for all movement in nature. All energy in nature is sustained by its attunement through sympathetic vibration with these three elemental harmonics of force. They correspond to the neutral, positive, and negative phases of the evolutionary cycle. In Polarity Therapy the resonant frequency of the sattvic, neutral force is termed the Air principle; the wavelength of the positive vibration, rajasic, is termed the Fire principle; and the negative resonance, tamas, sustains the Water Principle.

In the Sanatana Dharma (natural law), all phenomena in nature are understood as manifestations of these three archetypes, or “types of arcs.” The wave fronts of these archetypes make up the holomovement which is the sonic foundation underlying the harmony and integration of all nature. Everything in nature takes on its distinctive qualities through its attunement with one or more of these archetypal forces. The predominant resonance defines the qualities of all phenomena. All matter, emotions, mind substance, and energies move by the three modalities of 0 (neuter), + (positive) and - (negative) polarities, called the three gunas. Dr. Stone writes:

This is the cosmic picture of energy modality, demonstrated by the orbits of planets around a central sun. The microcosmic picture we find in the atom and in the cell: A nucleus or neutron in the center, which is the “satguna” type of energy; the “rajaguna” energy, which is a positive, centrifugal energy of heat and expansion, flying upward and to the right, with a repelling quality in its red fiery Sun-like nature; and the tamas energy, called the “moon energy,” which is the negative, centripetal energy of moisture (like a precipitate of the positive pole), settling downward and to the left. Tamas is the attractive power of the negative pole of energy emanation, the cooling, green rays, the feminine, centralizing toning and quieting principle. The central, sattva guna (or Satguna) neuter pole is the axial around which the other energies revolve. The human body is a magnified cell, the expansion of the brain pattern of the Airy, neuter, all-present Life Energy Principle, which has its base in the cerebrospinal fluid- —in the brain and in the spinal chord and throughout the entire nervous system. The cerebrospinal fluid flows between the pia matter and the arachnoid sheets, and follows the nerves all through the body.16

The superconsciousness of the omnipresence of the One Being sustains the profound force of equilibrium in nature: sattva guna. The sattvic harmonic reflects truth, light, and the mystery of the cosmic person. The sattvic is lucid, alluring, fascinating, charismatic, peaceful, balanced, and graceful. The sacred reflection of new life in babies of any species, the eternity in the sunrise, the being of saints, the glow of health—all resonate with the sattvic harmonic which is in tune with the all-pervasive ground of Cosmic Intelligence, the Life Field. Rajasic-predominant phenomena are conscious, kinetic, passionate, directive, and transformational. This positive force rules and regulates the pushing, electric, radiant expression of manifestation. Tamas is the force of inertia and crystallization. It is a contracting, pulling, magnetic force which underlies the crystallization of Spirit into matter. It is the force of resistance, unconsciousness, and sometimes fear. It is the purifying force which crumbles form to dust, releasing Spirit back to the center.

Three Types of Touch
Polarity Therapy utilizes three types of touch which resonate with the three universal harmonics. Sattvic touch is a gentle touch of stillness and presence. Sattvic currents arise from the core of the body, the heart of the being. In sattvic contacts the practitioner’s intention touches the intelligence which is the medium of creation. Sattvic contacts promote a receptivity to the Soul. Sattvic touch corresponds to the Air-predominant harmonics which rule the sensory feedback mechanisms of the body and nervous system.

Rajasic touch is stimulating and moving, directive, and penetrating. It resonates with the solar plexus, muscles, and organs of the body. We use our muscles in an energy-balancing through movement and strength, in a Rajasic contact which releases tension in the muscles, directs movement, and vitalizes the organs of the body. Tamasic touch is either deep and dispersing, or sometimes forceful with pressure, stimulating the client’s resistance. In evoking resistance, emotional and structural blocks can be brought to the surface and eliminated from the body. Tamasic touch resonates with the more crystallized negative predominant fields of the body at the psoas, soleus, and achilles tendons.

Life in Helix
All of nature and the cosmos is an expression of the polarity cycle of evolution. Nature is a manifestation of the involutionary cycles of conscious energy projecting into materiality and the evolutionary cycles returning to their source. This dynamic underlies the movement of all energy in the cosmos. We experience this universal force as growth. Growth as an expression of cosmic evolution is the central organizing principle of all of nature.

The evolutionary holomovement can be conceptualized as a spiral helix.17 All vibration undulates as a spiral helix entraining with the centrifugal and centripetal forces of rajas and tamas guna. Polarity is the supreme ultimate principle of attraction and repulsion which universally underlies energy fields. The dynamic between the involutionary and evolutionary fields of force sustains the ubiquitous spiraling double helix that underlies all energy fields in nature from the DNA to the galaxy. Daniel Winter writes in Sacred Geometry: "in general the helix is a universal way of coupling long waves to short waves. It is biology's lever, to couple little worlds to big ones."18

Nature is woven of a fabric of two spirals—centrifugal and centripetal—whose polarity universally forms the underlying structure and process of everything in nature. This polarity relationship has been labeled “dinergy” by Gyorgy Doczi. The spiraling double helix is the foundation of all organization in nature.19

Golden Spiral

Dinergy in the Structure of a Sunflower.
The sunflower seeds grow at the intersection of the centrifugal and centripetal radii. In the Sanatana Dharma these fundamental principles are known as the gunas: rajas is the centrifugal involutionary force of manifestation and tamas is the centripetal evolutionary force of dissolution and return to the source. Everywhere that these two spirals intersect, a resonance of sattva (equilibrium) is sustained. This sattvic still-point resonates with the Absolute and is a bindu, a center of manifestation stepping-down into the next cycle of creation.

All energy moves in cycles of vibration which can be better understood three-dimensionally as spirals. In this “world” (from whorl?) all energy fields take the form of whirling vortices of energy. See the discussion of Dr. E. D. Babbitt’s research, Chapter 11. Dr. Stone writes:
So all our created objects are really whirls in space, like bubbles in an ocean. . . . Curvilinear motion or vibration operated in space and created sphere after sphere until all was manifested. and the same energy maintains this creation everywhere. Motion is always in the shape of a curve, from the path of the planets in the sky to the very atoms of matter, and spinning electrons.”20

Nature's patterns seem to arrange themselves in circles of ovals for action and function even in minute structures like spinning wheels of energy, like reflections from the central whirling chakra-pattern of energy.21

Nature is woven of a fabric of two intersecting vortices—centrifugal and centripetal—whose polarity universally forms the underlying structure of all energy fields.

In nature all systems of vibration are subsystems within the circulation of energy between the Sun. as the nucleus of the centrifugal field. and the Earth, as the nucleus of the centripetal field.

Energy fields pulsate with undulations spiraling from within to without and without to within at the same time.

Like wheels within wheels, energy fields emanate from the nucleus as whirling vortices of electromagnetic resonance. In quantum fashion each whirling field of resonance is a step down from the innermost highest vibrational fields to completion in physical manifestation.

In the ancient wisdom the step-down in vibration from Spirit to matter was ruled by five elemental harmonics of resonance: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These archetypes are the universal keynotes of conscious vibration that underlie all phenomena in nature. All energy in nature is entrained with these great Beings.

The Four Phases Undulate Through Every Spiral of Creation
Undulating through the spiraling helix of the evolutionary cycle are four phases of attunement. The primordial energy helix is made up of four phases in two opposing fields, as well as the sattvic bindu. The centrifugal phase includes a movement from above (higher vibrational) to below, and a movement from within to without. The centripetal phase includes a movement from without to within, and below to above. Waves spiraling through the helix entrain it with quantum points of universal resonance. On every level of macrocosm and microcosm energy entrains with these ubiquitous archetypes. These keynotes of universal resonance are the elements, or elemental patterns of resonance, which define phenomena. Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are the universal archetypes or “types of arcs” which are the elemental building blocks of creation. All manifestation as vibration is entrained by these inner forces of vibration.

There is always a balance of wholeness in the energy field. The centrifugal phase of Air and Fire and the centripetal phase of Water and Earth always counterbalance each other. This dynamic underlies the synergistic nature of the Polarity Manifestation Cycle. Everything in nature is spiraling. All movement in nature is in the form of arcs, helices, or tubes. The arc formed between the source and any point in the cycle has a unique resonance and wavelength or “type of arc.” These are the root elements of differentiation in our paradigm. Differences in types of arc are expressed in the resonances of the four universal keynotes and reflect the four elemental phases of resonance (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) in the three polarities (+, 0 and -) whose harmonies sing the fabric of creation.22

The Breath of Brahma

A spiral has the unique ability to move in two directions at the same time. All vibration is serpentine in motion, reflecting this dynamic. The gunas universally embody this ubiquitous force, the “breath of Brahma.” Living vital fields are pulsating with life. The pulses undulate through the field in oval spirals from within to without and at the same time, from without to within.

POlarity Therapy, Leadbetter  

Profound Properties of the Mysterious Spiral
The Spiral both comes from and returns to its source.
The Spiral is a continuum whose ends are opposite
 and yet the same.

The Spiral demonstrates cycles of change within a continuum.
The Spiral demonstrates the alternation of the polarities
 of each cycle.

The Spiral embodies the principles of expansion and contraction, through change of velocity.
The Spiral embodies the potential for simultaneous movement
 in either direction towards its two extremities.

On the spherical vortex these extremities, the center and periphery, flow into each other and are essentially interchangeable.

Jill Purce, writing in The Mystic Spiral: Journey of The Soul, points out these profound properties of the spiral:
The simple two-dimensional spiral has a number of remarkable properties. It both comes from and returns to its source; it is a continuum whose ends are opposite and yet the same; and it demonstrates the cycles of change within the continuum and the alternation of the polarities of each cycle. It embodies the principles of expansion and contraction, through change of velocity, and the potential for simultaneous movement in either direction towards its two extremities. On the spherical vortex these extremities, the center and periphery, flow into each other; essentially they are interchangeable.23
Golden Spiral, Bio resonance, Golden Ratio

Finger pointing to the moon of the profound properties of spiral resonance. . .

All vibration embodies these profound dynamics. The same current/field of vibration is an avenue for both centrifugal and centripetal forces. Both undulate through the serpentine vibratory movement with energy both coming from and returning to its source in a balanced polarity of forces. There is always a balance of opposites in the undulating fields of alternating polarity, expansion, and contraction. A profound octavian process links fields nested within fields following the universal harmony of the Golden Spiral. All vibration is a three dimensional vortex with fields embedded within fields braiding the standing waves of resonance which define phenomena. Every level of vibrating microcosm and macrocosm is the Golden Spiraling song of Brahma.

All vibration following these key principles nests as spirals within spirals braiding the fabric of creation.

All vibration spirals as a reflection of these paradoxical principles. The vast harmony of the electromagnetic spectrum is unified through the mysterious properties of the spiral. All creation on the vibratory level of the electromagnetic spectrum is made up of spirals. Spirals in nature undulate in phase dynamics, which move from within to without (involutionary force) and at the same time from without to within (evolutionary force). Both directions of force, rajas and tamas, undulate through every spiraling helix of vibration in a profound balance of wholeness. This balance of wholeness is sattva guna, the Tao. The centrifugal pulsation manifests as two arcs, Air and Fire, and the centripetal as Water and Earth.

In Tantric cosmology Nature (prakriti) is differentiated into five forms of motion. Ether (Akasa) fills space with the “Hairs of Shiva,” nonobstructive motion, radiating lines of force in all directions and sustaining the space in which the other forces operate. Air (Vayu) is a transverse motion and the source of locomotion in space. Fire (Tejas) is an upward motion, giving rise to expansion. Water (Apas) is a downward motion, giving rise to contraction. Earth (Prithivi) is a motion which produces cohesion and obstruction, the opposite of the nonobstructive Ether.24

Vayu, the Air element, is the breath of Brahma, the motive force of all movement in creation. It is from the sanskrit Va, “to blow, to move.” Air is the principle of motion, and its function is impact. It rules the sense of touch. Tejas, the Fire element, which rules directed force, comes from the Sanskrit, Tij, “to be sharp.” It is the principle of luminosity and the function of expansion in nature. Fire rules the sense of vision which is the source of our direction. Apas, the Water element, is the principle of liquidity and the function of contraction. It comes from the root ap, “water.” Water rules taste and the nourishment that we take in. Prithivi, the Earth element, is from the Sanskrit plete, “broad, flat, spread out, extended.” It is the principle of solidity, and its function is cohesion.25

breath of brahman

The Atmosphere (Greek). . . spheres of breath . . .  of a living Earth. . .
Living beings are "cells" in the body of the earth.

Our chakras & joints are at the nodial points of the harmonics of the Earth's breath.

The four elements are four specific patterns of resonance—four moments in the evolutionary cycle. Air is a lengthening of the wave form from the sphere of Ether to the ellipse of Air as energy steps-down in a helix from above to below. Fire is a radiant expansive force from within to without. Water is a contractive flow from without to within. Earth is a release of Spirit from matter as the cycle finds completion in form and then returns from below to above. The four elements are four phases in the ubiquitous evolutionary cycle which underlies creation in nature.

The body tissue is very fluid and elastic. The body cavities, organs, and cells breathe through cycles of attunement with the cosmic forces. Each cell of the body pulsates through cycles of expansion and contraction, which are a microcosm of the order of creation. As the breath undulates through the medium of the body, the atoms, molecules, and cells are drawn in quantum fashion through phases of attunement with the holomovement of the forces of nature and the cosmos.

Krishna personifies the Over-soul, playing the music of creation...
You are the flute that Life is playing.

The breath plays the musical instrument of the body. As we breath, we are taken through a process of natural and cosmic attunement. The breath stretches the tissue...on every level... of microcosm, to attunement with the universal keynotes of Earth, Water, Fire, Air.... This is biological resonance. Simple sympathetic resonance, is the key to understanding, the mystery of a life. (On this level)

Through sympathetic vibration the elemental forces of nature and the cosmos entrain with the elemental energy systems of the body. Each phase in the cycle is qualitatively defined by its harmonic relationship to the source. Differentiation is determined by variations in the wavelength and degree of arc, positive or negative phase, and distance from the core. The quality and power of any aspect of physical manifestation is a reflection of its attunement to the vibrations of the core of the force field.

It is very important to understand that the four elements are moments in a cycle of wholeness. They seem differentiated, but they are only phases in a single process, relationships within a whole. What we are viewing is a single universal helix, a whirling vortex of bipolar energy. Within this gestalt are the four harmonics, four phases of the primal Oneness. These four elements are attuned to each other as opposite waveforms, balanced harmonics working together to reflect a fundamental Oneness as the basis of the universal synergy. They exist only through their dynamic relationship with each other as a gestalt.27

The rhythms of breath, heartbeat, vibration, and oscillation of life within every atom, molecule, cell, organ, and body cavity are profoundly lawful as the embodiment of universal law. The rhythms of these finite systems are organized by the spiral helix of in-breath and out-breath. The breath is our link between the macrocosm of the Air element as the life of a living universe and the microcosm of the finite systems of every atom, molecule, and cell of our living bodies. Our energy fields are entrained in a fabric of spiration—inspiration, expiration, respiration—with the universal spiral helix of Spirit, the life breath.

Yin Yang as infinitely recursive wave nest
Tao (Yin-Yang) as an infinitely recursive wave-nest

The symbol of the Tao embodies the supreme ultimate principle that underlies all vibration emanating centrifugally and centripetally from a center, reaching the limit of the field, and reversing polarity to return to the source.

Standing Waves
On the atomic level, standing waves define phenomena. All phenomena are sustained by inherent patterns of resonance. The definitive pattern of resonance of any phenomenon is its standing wave. Standing waves are the pattern of resonance that define an energy system. Standing waves are the “natural” patterns of resonance which define phenomena. Standing Waves ”appear whenever waves are confined to a finite region, like the waves in a vibrating guitar string, or in the air inside a flute."29

golden spiral
Standing waves are one of the fundamental organizing principles
of a cosmology based upon resonance.

Standing waves appear whenever waves are confined to a finite region. Standing waves appear within the “finite system” of every unit of wholeness of nature—every atom, molecule, cell, and organism. Our body is an example of a finite system which sustains patterns of standing waves. Each body cavity, organ, cell, molecule, and atom is a finite system sustaining standing waves which are the central organizing principle of the energy field. Standing waves always manifest as a logarithmic spiral which can be described through the mathametics of the Golden Ratio. This foundation of universal law is called the Golden Spiral. The Golden Spiral describes the rhythmic generation of the universe embodied in the ubiquitous breath of Brahma. Every level of macrocosm and microcosm manifests from a bindu radiating as the Golden Spiral. Standing waves align themselves with the fields of force of nature and the cosmos. By examining standing waves we can make transparent the underlying "ultrasonic" fields of force of nature and the cosmos.

The Experience of Vibration
The science of the ancients, as expressed in the Sanatana Dharma, is based on the experience of sacred sound.30 The ancients understood all of nature as woven of the fabric of the four resonant frequencies of vibration that emanate from the ultrasonic core of Ether. They viewed all phenomena as made up of four universal waveforms which sustain the boundaries (Earth), media (Water), energy (Fire), and lawful organization (Air) of all things. They understood that our senses are tuned into these elemental harmonics of vibration, and they based their science on the empirical experience of these four elements. In this model we are not dealing with an abstraction but are describing the living, breathing bodies of humans, nature, and the cosmos. “Energy” in this model is the breath of the cosmos—a living, sentient force. The “elements” describe phases of attunement with Brahma, the unified field of cosmic being, the creative intelligence which is the all-pervasive ground of evolution.31

All vibration in nature entrains with the elemental archetypes. Every level of macrocosm and microcosm in creation undulates in resonance with the spiraling helix of phases of the evolutionary cycle: Air, within to without; Fire, above to below; Water, without to within; and Earth, below to above.

All creation is an undulating spiral helix. Every level of macrocosm and microcosm undulates in harmony with the spiral dance of this universal holomovement. From above to below (Air); within to without (Fire); without to within (Water) and below to above (Earth) this spiraling breath of God undulates through all creation.


These are the Four Directions held in reverence by Native Americans. The ancient Hebrews worshiped the sacred mantric utterance of YHVH (YAHWEH) symbolized by the Lion, Eagle, Bull, and Human, who ruled the four quarters of the universe. The four humors of Greek cosmology throughout Europe and the four elements which the Sanatana Dharma spread throughout Asia reflect the same ancient paradigm.

Our experience of boundaries is ruled by the Earth frequency of vibration, and throughout our dimension all phenomena sharing this resonant frequency are experienced by us as “solid.” The experience of fluidity expresses the Water harmonic. Heat is attuned to the Fire element throughout our system, and movement itself predominates in the Air-resonant frequency. Our senses are attuned to these kingdoms of vibration: the ears to Ether, touch to Air, the eyes to Fire, taste to Water, and smell to Earth. The senses and mind weave the fabric of our experience through their attunement with these elemental frequencies of vibration, much as a television set constructs an image from the frequencies to which it is attuned.

Crossculturally and transhistorically, the sciences of the ancients are based on the five elemental keynotes of energy. The ancients understood that all phenomena, as energy fields, are made up of a combination of all the elements. It was understood that phenomena, seen as energy fields, are composed of Earthly boundaries, Watery media, Fiery functions, and Airy lawful vibrations, radiating outward from an supra-sensory Etheric core. The element predominating in the energy field gives each phenomenon its characteristic qualities of solidity, fluidity, force, or movement.

Sri Krishna Prem (Ronald Henry Nixon, Ph.D.) insisted in reference to the elements: "We reiterate that no matter how much we use, and legitimately use, the symbols of cosmology and of daily life to evoke images in illustration of our contentions, we are in fact speaking of psychic movements in consciousness and of this alone.”32 Dr. Prem, a university professor teaching in India, was a life long student of yoga. He personally realized the Self, the Vedic truth that all creation is the play of consciousness, of the universe as one living being.

Though every physical phenomenon contains all of the elements, one elemental keynote of resonance gives the form its predominant qualities. Thus particular structures and processes in the body and in nature are characterized as “Air-predominant” (nervous system), “Fire-predominant” (vital organs and muscles), etc., and embody the qualities of those particular elemental archetypes.33

Gunas    Principles    Elements    Chinese
Sattva    Air               Ether/Air    Wood/Metal
Rajas    Fire              Fire            Fire
Tamas    Water    Water/Earth    Water

Air-Predominant Harmonics
The Air element resonates with sattva guna, the superconscious force of equilibrium in nature. Air, the first aura of emanation from the stillness of the Etheric core, is an energy field whose force embodies cosmic intelligence. Air is characterized by movement—not ordinary movement, but the intelligent movement which underlies the self-regulating fields of nature and cosmos. The quality of lawfulness and the profound harmony and integration of all movement in creation is expressed in the Air element, which fills the field of manifestation with the spiraling breath of universal law. Air is the fulcrum, or bindu, between the unitive field and its creation.
Air element

Transverse currents embody the Air Element/Principle
& integrate core & surface.

The Air element predominates in the thoracic cavity and in the sattvic rhythm of the breath, which is always filling the space of the body with the re-spiration of universal law. Air rules the neutral, fulcrum field of the diaphragm and solar plexus and the balance of movement between the centrifugal resonance of the thoracic cavity above and the centripetal resonance of the pelvic cavity below. Air predominates in the colon and rules the rhythms of peristalsis throughout the body. Air (Libra) governs the kidneys, which purify the sacred waters of life. Air predominates in the ankles, which are the structural foundation of movement and direction. The fulcrum for Air and the center of our “spin” is the heart. The Air element arises “energetically” from the heart center, or Air chakra, and rules our desires in life, our passions, and our aversions as the basis of our movement in life.

The Air element predominates in a light touch and on the surface of the body. Air “inspires” and “respires.” Air predominates as inspiration and high spirits and our enthusiasm for and love of life. Air rules mind with its incessant mercurial movement. Its characteristic type of arc is a bipolar spiral of prana. Air governs transverse motion and locomotion. Its field of force is a lawful balance of centrifugal and centripetal forces in a spiral, a helix of attunement with the one source. Air fills space with the breathing, living balance of universal law.

The thoracic cavity is the home of the Air harmonic of resonance in the body. Air predominates in the astrological harmonic of Gemini, with the spine and shoulders as the positive field; Libra, with the kidneys and renals as the neutral field; and Aquarius with the ankles, as the negative field. The Air element rules the sense of touch, the heart, and the breath of life, prana. Air-predominant touch resonates with the Air-predominant heart.

The currents of energy which spiral out from the ultrasonic core at the crown of the head and move from east to west around the surface of the body acting as sensory and feedback mechanisms, returning to the core, are Air-predominant. Air is a transverse force between the polarity of the two fields of the bilateral symmetry of the body and the ultrasonic core in the spine. Our nervous system resonates with the keynote of Air. A gentle touch, soothing movements, and balancing contacts activate the keynote of sattvic vibration. Sattvic touch contacts the heart of Being. Sattvic touch fosters a receptivity to the healing presence of the Soul.

Fire-Predominant Harmonics
The second phase of emanation in the Polarity Cycle is the resonant frequency of Fire. While Air rules the lawfulness of all movement as an expression of the superconscious mind of sattva guna, Fire rules the direction of movement as it resonates with rajas guna and the conscious mind. Fire rules directed force in energy systems. Fire is a radiant, positive, electric, pushing, expanding arc of centrifugal force. The waveforms of Fire radiate outward and upward. Fire always burns upward, resonating with the sun. Throughout our solar system all force is a step-down of radiation from the Sun. The solar force is embodied in the expansive alignment of the in-breath. Throughout all creation the solar force is the centrifugal force of radiance that rules, regulates, moves, and transforms. The initiative of Aries, the reign of Leo, and the integrity of Sagittarius express the nature of Fire as directed energy. All creation is aligned with the nuclear potency functioning through the solar harmonic of the Fire archetype.

Luminosity, heat, and caloric energy are sustained by the vibrational frequency of Fire. This electric pattern of energy predominates in the fields of force which manifest warmth and function, as in the vital organs and muscles. Fire is the yang, directed, working, passionate, vital energy in the body. Its radiant working energy rules the organs and the processes of metabolism, and is the motive force of the musculature. Any stimulating or rajasic contact resonates with Fire and promotes its attunement. Fire is centered in the solar plexus, two finger widths below the umbilicus.

Fire Centers
Fire radiates spirals from its center at the Umbilicus and
Solar Plexus to provide warmth and vitality to the whole body.34

Fire radiates vital force and defines the body from within to without.
This type of energy flows mostly over muscle tissue to act and express itself. Any therapy designed to assist this must be active, vibratory, and positive in nature. All stimulating applications are in this field . . . [using] vibratory directional force over the muscles involved . . . blending into the energy current in purpose, speed and direction like two rivers joining into one. This has the greatest therapeutic value . . . The impulse must have momentum, but no compulsory force which causes a reaction.35
Water-Predominant Harmonics
The third field of emanation manifests waveforms that predominantly resonate downward, through the magnetic pull of gravity, toward the negative pole at the nucleus of the earth. Water always flows downward, creating contraction and an arc of centripetal force. This receptive phase of the creation cycle sustains the keynote of Water and corresponds to the contracting out-breath of downward motion, cleansing, and elimination.

It is through the cohesive force of water that energy precipitates into substantial “solidity.” In Water the field of force emanating from the source is reduced to a more material frequency that we experience as life forms. Our experience of fluidity predominates in the Water wave length, embodied in the liquid medium and in the cycles which purify and sustain life, such as blood flowing through veins, or rivers flowing to the ocean.

Water rules cohesion, attachment, and love. Water rules the ways we connect to the world around us for nourishment. Cancerian love, the deep bonds of Scorpio, and the Piscian flow from heaven to earth nourish and connect us. Water rules the sense of taste. It rules the ways in which we are emotionally connected to others and the relationships that are emotionally nourishing.

The Water element predominates in the pelvic cavity. As Water is the mother of life, reproduction is centered on the Water level of vibration. The life-giving seed of semen and ovum is in the form of water. Water rules the cycles of cleansing, purification, and elimination in the body. These magnetic negative fields of the body resonate with tamasic qualities, and are characterized by receptivity, materialization, contraction, resistance, inertia, and crystallization into form.

Water-predominant frequencies sustain the liquid medium that receives and embodies more subtle energy fields. As the field of force radiates outward and downward, it interacts with the more material atmosphere of the earth’s energy field and it loses its liquidity and resilience. Thus it loses its ability to resonate with the One Life. The vibrations flatten and become more and more crystallized into an Earth-predominant phase of resonance. The surface tension of the force field then predominates, creating an impenetrable boundary.

Earth-Predominant Harmonics
Throughout all of nature the phenomenon of solidity is sustained by a pattern of energy that we call “Earth.” Earth is the force that produces boundaries and is the polar opposite of the unobstructed vibration of Ether. The crystallizing, linear tendency of the Earth archetype, at the limits of the potency of the core resonance, sustains boundaries and “solid” phenomena. This wavelength is the predominant resonant frequency in all fields of phenomenal force that have the quality of solidity, such as the bones in our bodies. Taurus rules the boundary of the etheric body which defines the overall space, Virgo operates the boundary between body and waste, and Capricorn is the foundation of the skeletal structure.

At Earth the rajasic radiant spiral loses its ability to vibrate sympathetically in attunement with the One and tamas, the sinking spiral, predominates. The material form eventually crumbles into dust and the life-giving spiral of Spirit is drawn back to the One. Form manifests only as it is sustained by its harmony with the source and as it’s resonance with the “tune-i-verse.” The Earthly level of vibration is force that is slowing in vibration from spiraling towards linearity and crystallization.

Dr. Stone writes:
The cosmic forces are vast reservoirs in which these myriads of units float and recharge their external field by energy from the cosmos through its spinning chakras and nerve centers to its own keynotes and use. When the central energy of the soul cannot toil and spin its wheels and shuttles effectively any more to extract what is needed from the outside reservoir, then its link is broken and the pitcher goes to the well no more. The earth elements go back to earth; the air to dust; the fire to ashes . . . 36

All phenomena are made up of the pentamirus combination of these wavelengths of vibration—the boundaries of Earth, the cohesion of Water, the directed force of Fire, the organizing, lawful movement of Air—all radiating within the Etheric space. In every instance, energy in nature is an expression of these five harmonics of vibration. These are the underlying keynotes of resonance that sustain all phenomena. Our senses and minds interpret these vibrations as the experience of life.

The five elements are archetypes, founts of creative intelligence whose cycles weave the splendor of evolution. The five elements are five stages in the manifestation of consciousness. The essence of the elements as consciousness is: Ether, the emotional space that seeds manifestation; Air, thoughts and ideas; Fire, action; Water, feeling; Earth, completion. For example, desiring a home is Ether-predominant. Formulating plans for construction is Air-predominant. Taking action and building the home is Fire-predominant. The feeling of being home is Water-predominant, and the fruition of the desire in form is Earth-predominant.

Ayurveda, the ancient East Indian science of life and healing, works with the image of all creation as energy fields of sacred sound vibration. All of nature on every level is understood as a vast harmony of cycles of resonance. All of creation reflects this harmony in a profound integration; every level of wholeness is a microcosm of the harmonies of the whole.

On the physical plane this harmony is understood as being woven of the five harmonics whose fields of force are the keynotes of a universal harmony. Nature, our bodies, and our senses are woven of these universal patterns of resonance. In our dimension, our five senses and the range of experiences which they reveal to us are reflections of these five fundamental keynotes of vibration that weave the fabric of our being in nature. All of nature is woven from the five elements of universal law: Earth’s solid boundaries, Water’s liquid medium, Fire’s functional force, and Air’s lawful organization of movement; and Ether, the sonic medium in which the others resonate.

For the ancients, all phenomenal experience is a reflection of these five archetypes of energy. They believed that the totality of our experience of solidity, regardless of the particular phenomenon, can be understood as a reflection of the harmonic of the Earth element. All of our phenomenal experience of liquidity is ruled by the keynote of Water. All of the waters which sustain life are understood as a single harmonic. Igneous and caloric energy—light and heat—are ruled by the Fire element, and our experience of these phenomena is a reflection of a single pattern of energy. The ancients believed that all movement is lawful, taking place as an emanation from the One Universal Life.

ELEMENT              SENSE            FOOD            TASTE              0               +              -
ETHER                    Hearing          Amrita           Divine Taste
AIR                          Touch    Fruit, nuts, seeds    Sour                Libra    Gemini    Aquarius
FIRE                       Sight    Grains, legumes,      Bitter               Aries    Leo       Sagittarius
WATER                  Taste    leafy greens,             Salty                Cancer    Scorpio    Piscies
EARTH                 Smell    Root vegetables        Sweet               Capricorn    Taurus    Virgo

The Law of Sympathetic Resonance
In his brilliant book, The Principles of Light and Color, E. D. Babbitt, the nineteenth-century father of Color Therapy, offers an understanding that parallels the ancient wisdom. Babbitt experimented with color in his quest for an understanding of “the harmonic laws of the universe.” In his model, sound and sympathetic vibration are the key to the process which underlies the polar cohesion of atoms. He explains:

Why are ethers drawn from spirals of one atom to the same kind of spirals in a contiguous atom, and why does a certain grade of ether exactly harmonize with, and seek out, a certain size spiral? For the same reason that a tuning-fork or the cord of a piano will be set into vibration by a tone made in its own key. In the case of the piano, a chord vibrates to tones of its own pitch, or in other words, to tones whose waves synchronize with its own vibrations. Let us apply this principle to atoms. The vibratory action of the red spiral throws the current of ether which passes through it into the eddy-like whirl which just harmonizes in size and form to the red spiral of the next atom above it with which it comes into contact, and which must necessarily draw it on. This second atom passes it on to the red spiral of the third, the third to the fourth, and so on through millions of miles, so long as there is a spiral of the right grade to conduct it onward.37
Describing the same phenomenon, Itzhak Bentov explains rhythm entrainment, the process where: “periodic events that are close in frequency occur in phase or in step with each other.” He goes on to write: “Our biological rhythms are entrained by light and to a certain extent by gravity . . . Magnetic, electromagnetic, atmospheric, and subtle geophysical effects influence us in ways that are not presently well understood.” This process is significant in the macrocosm as well, where “the big and mighty asteroids and planets are rhythm entrained and develop resonances in their orbits as they rotate about the sun.”38
Resonant structure of body
Color defines the spectrum of the bodies bioresonance

The law of sympathetic vibration describes the tendency of vibrations of the same wavelength to resonate together. Sympathetic resonance may be the glue that holds creation together. Waveforms of the same frequency will entrain (synchronize their vibrations) to energize and influence each other.

The ancients understood our earthly sound to be an octave within a universal system of resonance. The “elements” of the ancients were the keynotes of earthly manifestation. All vibration is attuned to these archetypal harmonics of force. In the Sanatana Dharma a distinction is made between the subtle elements which are timeless universal archetypes, and gross elements, which are the fivefold patterns of vibration that underlie manifestation. The gross elements resonate sympathetically with the subtle inner elements and thus draw sustenance from these cosmic forces.

In the ancient wisdom, all phenomena were understood as woven of a fabric of five archetypes of vibration. The science of the ancients was based on these five elemental resonant frequencies. These are the four directions of resonance—ascending, descending, within to without, and without to within—and a fifth, a stillpoint of wholeness (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Ether). There are the tattwas, the quintessential or five-fold essences of creation. These five phases of cosmic attunement undulate through every cycle of vibration. This is the key to understanding this archetypal paradigm and the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm.

Vibrations attuned with the ascending, solar, centrifugal force, radiating from the nucleus of our system, the Sun, resonate with the Fire element. Vibrations attuned with the descending, centripetal, negative pole of the Earth resonate with the Water element. Vibrations attuned to the flow from within to without, from the finer forces of the unified field, resonate with the Air element. Vibrations attuned to the flow from without to within, from the periphery of the energy field back toward the core, resonate with the Earth element. The pentamirus combination sustains a stillpoint which resonates with Ether. These are the five phases of cosmic attunement that undulate through every spiraling vibration in creation. These are the cosmic forces that are the keynotes of creation. (We will focus on this key, to the understanding of the ancient wisdom, throughout this book)

All phenomena exist through their resonance with these ubiquitous archetypal forces. All phenomena draw their energy, consciousness, and being from their attunement with these archetypal forces. In Dr. Stone's view, man is understood as an integral part of the quantum fields of nature and the cosmos where there is a constant exchange of energy. He explains:
That man must have air, food, liquids, clothing and warmth from outside is accepted in so far as solids, liquids and air are concerned. But the idea of atomic energy fields of exchange in these conveyors and by direct absorption, is still a brand new idea, awaiting acceptance. Man is considered more or less an independent unit. His dependence upon exchange of energy in the wireless field of Nature, like a receiving set in a broadcast field is still a new idea. Even his grounding to the earth is overlooked—plus his possibility of direct perception and absorption of energy . . . [the] constant exchange of the finer forces of Nature with man is questioned and doubted.39 [these are the elements] which are built into the constitution of man as receiving sets or fields for the operation of the five forces or broadcasting wave lengths in Nature [and an] . . . intricate receiving set for the cosmic forces which sustain man.40
Dr. Stone explains: “Small units of energy fields draw their supply of energy from larger units or orbits to which they are attuned, because they are their home, source or parent fields.”41 In the Sanatana Dharma, everything in creation vibrates through this universal holomovement. The five phases breathe through every atom and galaxy of creation. Everything is entrained by this holomovement. Everything is vibrating sympathetically with these archetypes.

The radiation of the potency of the Etheric center occurs in cycles, of which our breath is a microcosm. This central potency radiates a field of force in a cycle of four phases, sustaining the four elemental harmonics to form the basis of all creation. It is echoed and embodied in the cycle of the breath. As an organism breathes, the totality of the organism is drawn through a cycle of four phases. This holomovement takes place on every level of wholeness, as every cell and atom of the body breathes through the cycles of attunement and entrainment with the archetypal forces of nature and the cosmos.

The four elemental resonances manifest in relationship to the three principles of energy movement—sattva, rajas, and tamas—to sustain the twelve great archetypes of the zodiac which rule manifestation. Their spectrum of creativity is expressed in the range of creation in each kingdom: mineral, plant, animal, human, devic, planetary, etc. Each moment of creation has a unique “signature” that expresses the archetypal resonance of the cycles of eternal creativity that intersect in that facet of evolution. The moment of manifestation, the first breath, places a “being” in the infinite cycles of creativity and defines its pattern of resonance. Through sympathetic vibration the “personality” of the person, plant, animal, or stone reflects the cycles that intersect in its being.

The Synergy of the Body a Microcosm of Universal Synergy
The concept of synergy describes systems in which the organization and functioning of the parts maximally sustain the whole, and the organization of the whole maximally sustains the parts. Nature and the cosmos are a synergistic system, where there is ultimate integration between the parts and the whole.

Throughout every process, structure, and function we see a profound level of synergy and integration in our bodies. On every level, along every conceivable vector, what promotes the well-being of the part promotes the well-being of the whole, and vice versa. The body is a model of ultimate integration, ultimate synergy—a microcosm of the ultimate synergy of all creation.

On the subatomic level, elementary particles follow a set of laws which cause them to group together in patterns known as atoms. We now know of over one-hundred different kinds of atoms. Each of these has its own unique grouping of subatomic particles, and the pattern of each requires the particles to group in that way and no other.

Following the same laws that govern subatomic particles, atoms group together in patterns known as molecules. Hundreds of thousands of different kinds of molecules are now known, and new ones are constantly being found, or created. The number of possible molecules may be infinite. Each kind of molecule has its own distinct properties and its own distinct pattern that requires atoms to group in one way and no other.

On the next level of organization, many different kinds of molecules link themselves together in complex and intricate patterns to form the smallest unit of life, the cell. In the human body alone there are thousands of different kinds of cells, each with its own unique molecular pattern, and each with a unique job to do. The pattern of each cell will allow it to accept only certain kinds of molecules, and requires that those molecules be organized and structured in a certain way and no other.

Cells with similar structures and functions group together to form tissues. The tissue is the lowest level of macroscopic organization in the body. All of the body’s organs and gross anatomical structures are composed of tissue. The organs of the body, likewise, are linked structurally and functionally into systems.

Biochemically and energetically, the body is a delicately balanced system of interlocking feedback loops, where a change in the function of even one tissue quickly causes changes throughout all the other tissues, organs, and systems. Change one subatomic particle in one kind of atom, and you change that atom into something different. Change one atom in a molecule, and you change the molecule. Change the molecule, and you change the cell, the tissue, the organ, and the entire functional balance of the body.

Any change in even the finest level of our being will ultimately be reflected in every level, up to the most gross. Conversely, no change can take place at the gross level without causing changes to echo back to the finest level. In every dimension, along every vector of possibility, every level of organization in the human body, the body of nature, and the body of the cosmos is synergistic. Synergy, in which the organization and functioning of the parts maximally sustain the whole and the organization of the whole maximally sustains the parts is a foundation of universal law. A law that is grounded in the divine intelligence that underlies creation. As the Gita reveals: “God becomes creation.”

The Synergy of the Holomovement
In the Sanatana Dharma all creation is one life, a single field of cosmic evolution. In this paradigm the elements are universal harmonics of resonance, emanating from Brahmin, the unitive field of consciousness. The ancient scientists used the concept of sacred sound where we use the concept of energy. All phenomena on every level of microcosm and macrocosm are aligned vibrationally with the elemental harmonics of resonance.

This vast creation of nature and the cosmos is a synergistic system, where there is ultimate integration between the parts and the whole through the synergy of a ubiquitous elemental holomovement. The harmony of this elemental holomovement emanates from the unified field of Brahman that is the innermost center of all that is. The nature of its emanation as the systems and subsystems of nature and the cosmos is theomorphic.

Chapter 7 Notes

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