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Health Building 
Sattvic Vision-Quest Diet

The body is a temple of the spirit. Our lifestyle choices have a profound effect on the quality of our health and our personal experience of Spirit.

One of the foundations of our health building regime will be a Sattvic cleansing diet. East Indian philosophy classifies food according to the level of consciousness it promotes. A Sattvic diet quiets the mind, brings peace to the heart, and heals bodily ills.

A profound clarity emerges as we experience the healing presence of the Soul.
Our Sattvic Diet Can Be Approached As A Vision Quest.

The word sacrifice means to make sacred. In the polarity diet we sacrifice our ordinary eating habits to cultivate more receptivity to the innate intelligence of nature and the cosmos for healing insight, liberating realizations and bodily renewal.

The Polarity Cleansing Diet is a fast for the ego and a feast for the spirit. The diet can be used spiritually as a quest for vision and a means to contact a higher intelligence within, for guidance and healing.

Set an intention for the diet to facilitate a breakthrough in your life! What ever it is that is blocking you, you don't have to know what it is, or where it came from. Spiritual healing is miraculous!  Your intention will manifest a breakthrough, as you communion with a higher resonance of your own innate intelligence.

The polarity diet is a "sattvic" diet. Sattva is the Sanskrit word for Being, Truth, "God" the creative intelligence and source of equilibrium in nature. A sattvic diet facilitates more coherence and harmony in our energy body enhancing our receptivity to the healing potency of the Soul.

The nature of atman the divine within is lucidity . . . this sattvic diet dramatically enhances our lucidity and the profound well-being that flows from attunement to our Divine Self.

This regime will purify your body, harmonizing and concentrating your vibration . . . uplifting your being into attunement with a healing and revitalizing spiritual potency.

The experience of renewal of dramatically enhanced mental and emotional clarity, physical well-being, and spiritual presence is meant to be educational.

Your experience of wholeness is meant to encourage you to cultivate an everyday life-style that promotes this quality of spiritual attunement and personal well-being.

Our Health Building Cleansing Diet
A Fast For the Ego Is a Feast for the Spirit

Chew, Chew, Chew, Your Food
( To the tune of "Row, row, row, your boat")
Chew, chew, chew, your food,
Gently through the meal
The more you chew,
The less you eat,
The better you will feel !

The Polarity Cleansing Diet is an opportunity to experience the cleansing and health building effects of a safe and simple alkaline diet. Based on the teachings of Dr. Randolph Stone, this diet represents the fruit of over seventy years of experience in the study and practice of natural therapeutics.

The Polarity Cleansing Diet is a safe cleansing and health-building regime. It is a diet that you and your clients can use without experienced professional supervision. It can be used for health building under almost any circumstance, by any constitutional type, and at any time of the year. The diet offers an opportunity to break dietary patterns and examine emotional patterns associated with eating. It also offers understanding and support for making a commitment to a healthier life-style.

The diet is an opportunity to experience enhanced mental and emotional clarity as well as enhanced vitality and well-being.

One should stay with this diet a minimum of seven days or until an enhanced state of health has been achieved. This is a cleansing diet, not a maintenance diet, and should not be used indefinitely.

It is important to pay attention to your elimination in a cleansing diet and to use herbal laxatives or enemas if necessary to promote daily elimination.

Polarity Liverflush Cocktail
Take 4 to 8 ounces as your morning meal
More is not better!
In a blender add:
2  tablespoons of extra virgin (cold pressed) olive or almond oil
2  medium size cloves of garlic
An equal amount of fresh ginger (a piece about 1 inch long)
1 small peeled organic grapefruit
1 peeled organic lemon or lime

Polarity Cleansing Tea
To boiling water add this blend
which contains equal amounts of:
ginger root,
fennel or anise seed
flax seed
fenugreek seed
twice as much licorice root,

After simmering the tea for 20 minutes, turn off of the stove and add peppermint.

Serve with lemon and fresh ginger juice, if you wish, to taste. Start the tea first and let it brew while you are getting the liver-flush together.

No other food should be eaten for two hours after the liver-flush and tea. Best to drink HOT tea immediately after flush.

Citrus can be hard on tooth enamel... Rinsing the mouth immediately after the liver flush with hot polaritea can minimize sensitivity or damage.

Drink four to eight ounces of tea immediately after liver-flush and throughout the day as you like. If you are constipated eat lots of roughage, add pears to your salads, drink lots of water, use more licorice root and fresh garlic, and take the polaritea twice daily. If constipation continues take two table spoons of flax seeds with warm water or eight ounces of orange juice and olive oil 50/50 blend or Traditional Medicinals, Smooth Move tea.

If you have diarrhea, use no licorice, liver-flush, or ginger, but substitute cinnamon bark in the polaritea and eat ground cinnamon with baked apples and/or dates and raisins, chewed thoroughly.

Fresh vegetable juices may be taken in moderation between meals as a snack, as well as fresh fruit (in moderation) . "Chew" your juice and do not take more than eight ounces at a time.

Eat less and chew more.
Only Sattvic Alkaline-Forming Foods are Allowed on This Diet.
Take a raw salad made of finely chopped and grated fresh vegetables. Choose from the following: Carrots, cabbage, radishes, turnips, Boston, red leaf, or romaine lettuce, cucumbers, green onions, or other greens in season. Your salad should include sprouts of alfalfa, clover, sunflower, etc seeds. Four soaked almonds may be taken twice a day.

The meal begins with how much food you put on your plate. Eat less and chew more. Allow yourself to eat consciously and experience the taste and energy of the food you are eating.

Enjoy the blessings of this diet. Be creative in making your salads. Play with salad dressings of olive oil, ginger, lemon juice, and herbs. For constipation add pears to your salad. Eat less and chew consciously.

Vegetable soups as well as steamed vegetables may be eaten. Soups that have a distinctive character, for example, carrot/dill, celery/onion or beet/lemon, offer more of a sense of variety, making the diet more enjoyable.

Grains, beans and starchy vegetables such as potatoes and winter squash are not allowed. Eat less and experience your food.

Only alkaline-forming foods are allowed on this diet: No starches or protein are to be eaten. No meat, dairy, grains, potatoes, rice, bread, coffee, tea, sugar, eggs, yeast, or tamari.

Many individuals choose to not eat tomatoes, green peppers, or eggplant on the diet, which are in the "deadly nightshade" family, a common allergen. After the diet they then have an opportunity to test for sensitivity to nightshades.

Keep things simple. Do not try to get around the diet. If you need to ask the question: "Is this on the diet?" The answer is "No . . . " Eat less and chew more.

Dieting has its foundation in your attitude. An important part of the diet takes place in your mind. Get clear about your willingness to totally embrace this health building regime. Take the time to clarify your goals in doing this diet. Experience how good you feel on the diet.

Take space for yourself while dieting. Understand that you are doing a great deal of inner work. Try to get away from stressful outer commitments.

Pay attention to your breathing. Eat/breath . . . prana . . . universal life force. Understand that breath is the fundamental source of sustenance. When you find yourself thinking about food take a few deep conscious breaths to realign your energy.

The Polarity Purifying Diet will often facilitate a "Healing Crisis". This is a health building process of elimination. You may experience negativity and resistance as emotional states and physical conditions from your past come to the surface of your consciousness in the elimination process. Try to keep a positive attitude and not identify with the symptoms and negativity. They will pass quickly...

This diet offers you an opportunity to become conscious of your ego's food habits and attachments and to break out of patterns which are not healthy.

It is very important to get very clear about getting off the diet. Be vigilant at the end of the diet. Do not let an ego impulse reestablish disharmonious food habits.

You should end this diet consciously, gradually adding one new food at each meal. Express your intention by writing down a meal-by-meal, food-by-food plan for consciously moving from the cleansing to your maintenance diet.

Align your will and focus your intention on getting very clear about the eating habits and foods you are giving up. Clarify your relationship to food and plan your new foods. Identify your power foods.

Before you put anything in your mouth, Ask . . . "What will this do for my spiritual life?"

lost coast, redwoods
Polarity Diet Self Test
By Elizabeth Shaw

Who can benefit from the Polarity Diet? Answer the following questions to determine whether the Polarity Diet would be appropriate for you.

Do you experience any of the following?
pain anywhere in your body
tension, especially in the neck and shoulders
general body aches
aching, tight muscles
stiff joints and/or decreased range of motion of joints
wake up feeling groggy
bowel irregularities
often feel tired after eating
excess mucus
frequent colds and flu
frequent craving for sugar, salt, and bread

You may need to modify the basic diet if you fit in the following groups:
You may need to add sprouted millet, and quinoa, eat more cooked food, avoid fruit, and drink only a small amount of liver flush if you are:
weak, spacey, and un-grounded
experiencing dizziness
You may need to eliminate or use very small amounts of ginger and garlic if you experience:
hot flashes night sweats
heat in palms or feet red face and eyes
dislike of heat frequent thirst
insomnia red tongue
dizziness dry mouth
nervousness or irritability
You may need to use larger amounts of ginger and garlic, and eat less oil, nuts and seeds, if you experience:
feeling sluggish after eating
dislike of cold damp weather
healing retreat, self healp, cleansing diet
Understanding Toxicity and Energy Blocks:
Acid and Alkaline

The Ph balance in the body chemistry is a foundation of health. Dr. Stone explains:
A concentration of electromagnetic light wave energy with an increase of hydrogen ions deposited in the cells makes the cell over-acid in its chemistry and produces acute symptoms of redness, heat, swelling, and inflammation. These symptoms are an excess of the positive charge and the action of the fire principle, which produces acute disease . . . 3

A deconcentration of electromagnetic light waves in the fields of the cell with an increase of hydroxyl ions makes the cells excessively alkaline, cold, constricted and dehydrated. This is the basis for all chronic disease and limitation of motion. Here the water element is functioning in excess, as the primary polarity factor in the energy fields' imbalance, as excess negative charge with its constrictive over- alkalinity, limiting function and motion, and its crippling effect like in arthritis, rheumatism, etc.4

Alkaline and Acid Foods
by Elizabeth Shaw
When foods oxidize in your body they leave a residue or ash. In this residue, if the minerals sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium predominate, they are designated as alkaline foods. The converse of this is true such that if sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, and incombustible organic acid radicals predominate, the food is designated as acidic.

With long painstaking analytical work and by comparing the excess of one group of minerals over the other, the numerical values of acidity and alkalinity can be determined. In the human body, these pH values can be validated or verified by observing increased or decreased pain free range of motion.
Transitional Simple Diet and Allergy Test

The diet provides a profound opportunity for allergy testing. Your body will manifest a strong reaction to foods that are stressful or toxic to you. Common allergens are: wheat, dairy, corn, yeast, honey, soy.

Allergy test by adding one new food to a simple diet at each meal. Pay careful attention to the relationship between what you eat and your energy level, emotions, and well-being after eating.

Signs of stress/allergy:
pulse speeds up
energy drops
pain in the back or internal organs
soar throat or pallet
blister in mouth
falling apart emotionally

Take your pulse before and after eating.
 A 25% increase indicates allergy (stress).

Transitional Simple Diet and Allergy Test

Day 1                Day 2                        Day 3                          Day 4   
        Warm lemon water      lemon water            lemon water            lemon water
        First thing in the morning.           

        Millet                         Corn meal                Porridge                     Oats       
        Miso vegi soup          Miso vegi soup         Test for honey          
        Or Yogurt                
      Quinoa                      Simple grain             Cheese                   
        Simple grain               
        Corn                       Simple vegi                   Simple vegi               Simple vegi
        Salad                      Salad                              Salad                         Salad   
        Brown rice/ Yeast        Basmati rice        Tofu or Soy Milk        Bread/yeast   
        Simple vegi soup         Wheat Chapati     Simple soup            Simple soup                   
        Simple vegi                   Simple vegi           Simple vegi            Simple vegi   
        Simple dhal              

Take your pulse before and after eating. A 25% increase indicates allergy.
Breaking the Polarity Diet

Chewing your food and systematic under-eating
are the keys to health and longevity.

Continue with a simplified diet for a week. Allergy test by adding one new food at each meal or one new food a day.
First, add corn and see how you react. Does your energy drop dramatically after the meal? Does your pulse go up measurably? Do you feel pain in your back or internal organs? Are you getting a headache? Do you feel vulnerable, or falling apart emotionally a few hours after the meal, or the next morning? These are all symptoms of food allergy. Next try wheat. Test for dairy, soy, yeast, sugar. Keep your meals simple, experiment adding one new food at each meal. Pay careful attention to the relationship between what you put in your body and how you feel.

Day one and two, eat moderate-sized meals of simple steamed vegetables, salads, and whole grains with fresh or soaked fruit for treats (if necessary). Day three and four, add legumes and seaweed or low fat yogurt, whole grain breads, crackers, tortillas, pasta, dry cereals, nutritional supplements. Day five and six, add raw or low-fat dairy products (if you wish to resume them), organic eggs, fish, and other flesh foods. Begin with half-portions. Day seven, eat a light dinner, but skip breakfast and lunch. Drink only vegetable juices and water until dinner. Fasting for two meals once a week is an excellent health-building practice for most people. You can do the reentry diet outlined above for seven or fourteen days. Take as long as possible to add new foods. Simplify as much as possible. To get the most out of your digestive power, follow the rules of simple food combining. You can get a postcard-sized food-combining chart in any health food store.

In order to maintain the level of clarity and well-being that you have experienced on the Polarity Diet.

1. Start your own sprout garden. Sunflower seeds sprout overnight and alfalfa sprouts take only a few days. Any health food store will have everything that you need to get started. Sprouts are a convenient, inexpensive way to keep the highest quality "live food" in your diet.

2. Eat whole grains and avoid refined and chemically treated flour, such as white bleached flour. Avoid refined sugar use honey, maple syrup, and fruit juice sweetened treats.

3. Eat a low protein diet. Minimize or eliminate eggs and flesh foods. Minimize dairy or eliminate commercial dairy products. Goat milk and raw milk products are better.

4. Eat higher quality snack food. Eliminate soda. Cut down on fruit juice. Use quality herb teas (not Celestial Seasonings, owned by Coca-Cola Co.) Buy a juicer. Use carrot and vegetable juices, apples and apple juice, fresh or soaked fruit, popcorn, or almonds for snacks. Check out the Life Stream carrot/raisin/date sprouted bread.

To retoxify, add stimulants (caffeine, sugar), fried foods (chips) and rancid cooking oils, refined and chemically treated foods and eat unconsciously. If you do choose to abuse your body through junk food, you will be on the path to better health if you eat these foods in moderation and eat eighty to ninety percent healthy foods only ten to twenty percent toxic foods.

Your diet is a reflection of your consciousness. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!  If you are serious about wanting to be healthy and at peace you will need to educate yourself and become quite conscious and disciplined about your nutrition. Read Healing With Whole Foods by Heartwood nutritionist, Paul Pitchford, Way to Perfect Health, by Deepak Chapra, Diet and Nutrition by Rudolph Ballantine, or Gabrial Cousens Rainbow Diet, and The Ayurvedic guide to Polarity Therapy: Hands-On Healing, Amadea Morningstar

Polarity Diet Recommended Reading
The Ayurvedic guide to Polarity Therapy: Hands-On Healing, Amadea Morningstar, Lotus Press, 2001

Healing With Whole Foods
, Paul Pitchford,  (Berkeley, California, North Atlantic, 1993) This is an encyclopedia of nutrition with an oriental energy perspective developed in teaching and healing in the Heartwood community.

Spiritual Nutrition
, and The Rainbow Diet Gabriel Cousens, M.D. Boulder, Cassandra Press.1986.
Herman Aihara, Acid and Alkaline, (Oroville, California:George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, 1986)

Murrietta Hot Springs Vegetarian Cookbook, Murietta Foundation, (Summertown, Tennessee: The Book Publishing,1987 ) This is THE Polarity Diet Cookbook which was formulated by a large community of individuals applying the Polarity Principles over more than a decade of healthy living.

The Taste Divine Cookbook
, Vanamali, (Buffalo, New York: S.U.N.Y. Press, 1992). A guide to sattvic cooking.

Sattvic & Alkaline Foods For The Polarity Diet

Beans: Sprouted Only
Aduki (Steam before serving to aid digestion)
Mung (Steam before serving to aid digestion)
Alfalfa Seeds, Sprouted
Almonds (Soaked overnight before serving)
Fenugreek Seeds, Sprouted
Radish Seeds, Sprouted
Red Clover Seeds, Sprouted
Sunflower Seeds, (Soaked overnight before serving)

Grains: Sprouted Only

Avocado Oil
Almond Oil
Coconut Oil
Flax Oil
Olive Oil

Young Greens
Wheat Grass


Beets & Greens
Green Bean
Mustard Greens
Peas, fresh
Summer Squash
Swish Chard
Turnip & Greens



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