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with Bruce Burger, MA, RPP, CPE

     Somatic Emotional Clearing

Join the author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness in this hands-on training in somatic psychology. We will work with a synthesis of profoundly effective bodywork and somatic techniques, evolved by Heartwood's founder over three decades of research and practice. This conscious approach to body therapy facilitates a cleansing of the body's cellular memory of emotional armoring, and promotes mental and emotional clarity and wellbeing. Bruce's work offers a unique hands-on synthesis of Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology.

Yoga Therapy, Bodywork, Spiritual Healing
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The emphasis is on compassion, presence and vulnerability as attitudes which support a safe space in which the client has permission to heal. We will work with the client as a person, respecting the pathos of their life as a conscious evolving spiritual being. We will approach healing as a creative process that is guided by higher intelligence. We will facilitate a sacred space for releasing the past, quieting the mind and healing the heart.

Heal your life as you learn techniques that can safely be integrated into any massage or bodywork system. These techniques release emotional armoring from the nervous system, facilitate emotional clearing, and promote personal growth.

Somatic Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Psychospiritual Integration, Yoga Therapy
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You will Learn a Unique Synthesis of Techniques Including:
* Transpersonal Psychology
* Somatic Psychology
* Holding Sacred Space
* Preventing Retraumatization
* Active Listening
* Resource Building
* Somatic Emotional Clearing
* Releasing trauma from the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight).
* Inervating the parasympathetic nervous system ( deep relaxation & wellbeing.)
* Focusing
* Sensation Based Awareness
* Etheric Plane Communication
* Rescuing the Inner Child
* Cutting Chords
* Envisioning Our Future Self.

Prerequisite: Bodywork or counseling experience, spiritual and emotional maturity.

Cutting edge research reveals that body centered therapies have a profound capacity to release stress, dissolve emotional armoring and heal trauma.

Western psychology focuses on the mind and emotions. Transpersonal psychology focuses on the Self, the intelligence that witnesses the stream of thoughts and feelings. While mind and emotions are a kaleidoscope of obsession and instability, the Self is a constant of stable Presence. In this training, healing takes place as we balance energy to attune our life with the Self.

Our original nature is Freedom. Perceived threats to our security lead to obsession and a myriad of confused and contradictory mental and emotional impulses through the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) into the musculature creating emotional armoring. Learn profoundly effective energy balancing protocols that release stress and trauma from the sympathetic nervous system and the cellular memory of the body.

Transpersonal Psychology, Somatic bodywork
Energy steps down from Spirit to matter. The body personifies the process of creation.
This movement of energy from subtle to material vibration, underlies our unique & deep approach to clearing trauma
 from the cellular memory of the nervous system. (See Burger's Theomorphic Stepdown Chart)

Bodywork, Bodytherapy, Somatics, Somatic Therapy

Polarity Principles
Esoteric Anatomy
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Bruce Burger, 1978-20011